4-Advantages-of-Working-with-a-Design Build-Team

Advantages of Working with a Design Build Team

What are the advantages of working with a design build team? As homeowners ponder the possibility of making major renovations or adding to their residence, they typically have two courses of action. These are:

Option 1: Select a professional designer or architect to help bring focus to their dream by creating the design and blueprints. Once plans are firm, the homeowner must then find and contact a qualified builder to implement the plan.

Option 2: Choose an expert design build company that will work closely with you to create your initial design, then perform the entire construction. This ends at the completed project’s final walk-through.

There are also several prominent, and perhaps, not-so-apparent advantages of choosing Option 2. To work with a design build team of professionals.

Advantages of Working with a Design Build Team of Professionals

1. Clear Objectives

From your initial consultation, you will quickly realize that your design build professional also understands the technicalities behind construction. From code requirements and costs, to the potential time-frame of the actual construction phase. 

Whether the project involves enlarging and changing an interior space, adding onto the existing structure, or other remodeling projects, the design build professional will:

  • Collaborate with you on the ideal objective, offer solutions, and create a design
  • Help you visualize any other possibilities
  • Offer options that fit your budget by knowing the cost of every element  of the project
  • Create an accurate start-to-finish cost estimate
  • Provide a realistic timeline for project completion

Having a single company design and execute your remodel eliminates confusion. Additionally it improves communication from start to finish. When jobs are split between two companies, original objectives may become blurred. This often causes the outcome to be less than satisfactory. 

2. Improved Communications

When design and build functions are separated by using different companies to perform the tasks, sustaining your initial objectives can be problematic. Not to mention clear communication becomes more complicated. In these situations, once the design plan is complete, you face the daunting task of locating a qualified builder to implement the plan. This process can be time-consuming and confusing as builders can interpret certain phases of the design differently from the initial idea.

When working with a professional design build company, you benefit from having a builder who already has a clear understanding of your plan. The builder will have been updated throughout the planning phases. You will also benefit from easy ongoing communication and updates throughout the entire project.

3. Efficiency and Timeline

When a professional design build company tackles your project, every element –  including timeline and cost – is established before work begins. Even during the design phase, your design build expert can discuss the project components and timelines. Additionally, they can give you a clear guide of how the construction phase can be conducted with minimal disruption. 

You will also be able to establish a mutually agreeable start and target completion date when you approve the design.

4. Lower Cost

Costs can be much lower by assigning both the design and the construction phases of your project to a single, proven design build company. A design build company has only one P&L statement to consider, thereby sharing the costs and profit between the two roles.

Separate design entities and construction companies often have processes that overlap. This naturally demands a higher total return to meet each company’s fixed costs and income requirements.

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