The Advantages of Hiring Professional Home Renovators

professional home renovators in bucks county


So, you have some home renovation projects that you want to be done?

You’ve entertained the idea of doing them yourself, but are unsure how to do them correctly, and then there’s the time situation.  Do you have the spare time it will take?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Well, consider hiring a professional builder and remodeler!

Why Hire a Professional Remodeler:

The first reason to hire a professional for any home renovation is, believe it or not, cost.

Suppose you decide to take on the job yourself only to find out half way into it that you are way over your head.  You have already purchased and used materials as well as sunk a ton of your own time into the job.  Now you need to hire a professional home renovation expert who knows what they’re doing. And who now needs to take apart what you have already done, buy new materials, and start from scratch.  You’ll need to pay for the professional job, as well as the demolition of the old job.  If you had hired a professional in the first place, you wouldn’t be paying for the job twice.  Let’s not even talk about all of your own wasted time.  You could chalk it up as a learning experience at best, but that’s an expensive learning experience.

A home renovation expert knows the legal aspects of the job, for example, permits.

Let’s say you know what you’re doing and start the job, but a permit is required in your area and you failed to get one.  Your neighbor calls the city; then you must get a permit as well as pay any fines.  That’s a “best case” scenario; there may be other legal action involved.  You’re on the bad side of the law, and the cost of the job just went up.

What if you need a home loan for the job?  Many times the lender won’t lend if you aren’t hiring a professional. At the least, they will want the job completed within a certain time frame.  Home renovation experts will get the job done on time because they know how to do the task at hand quickly. You may be working on it for a few hours after work or with friends on the weekend.

Don’t forget about the home inspection process.  Home renovation professionals know all of the local codes and most times, they personally know the inspectors and exactly what they’ll be looking for.  A failed inspection can mean a loss of time and a loss of money as well.

The big question is how to find a home renovation expert.

Thumbing through the yellow pages or going onto the internet is a crap shoot at best.  Ask around, talk to friends about who they’ve used in the past and what their experience was like.  Talk to your local material supplier and find out who the good home renovation experts are in your area.  Most importantly, don’t go with someone just because they’re not busy.  If they’re not busy, there’s probably a reason why.  Don’t just go with the cheapest price either.  There’s probably a reason for the low-ball price as well.  Home remodeling and building additions are about quality and long-term durability.  Quick might be cheaper, but it might be cheaper quality as well.

Home renovation experts are a wise investment. You save time, money, and a lot of frustration by making that investment right from the start of your project.

Got questions?  We’d love to talk more!  We build in the Montgomery County and Bucks County areas from our base in Hatfield.