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Benefits of Hiring a Design Build Company

Design build projects are quickly moving to the forefront of the remodeling industry. The design build process places the execution of the complete design and the construction in the hands of a single team. There are many benefits of working with a design build company. As a result, the entire project becomes smoother, faster, simpler, and less expensive. 

“One-stop shopping” in the remodeling and construction business offers many benefits. A proven and experienced design build company manages the project from the initial design process to the final walk-through for construction and remodeling projects. This arrangement is especially beneficial for the homeowner as it eliminates the issues you have when working with multiple companies. 

Clear, ongoing communication throughout is one of the biggest benefits. However, efficiency, accurate time projections, and reduced costs are also benefits of choosing a professional design build team over a combination of designer and construction companies.

Communications Advantages

From the first no-obligation meeting to the final walk-through of the complete project, homeowners will communicate with the same design build professionals. This eliminates the awkward transfer of information from the architect or designer to a third-party construction company. Thus, the process is now seamless when working with a proven design build company. Better communication means nothing is lost during the chain of events, and things are more likely to run to schedule.

Staying on Budget

The professional designer from the design build company works directly with the building crew as they are from the same company. This means homeowners can be confident of the exact cost of the project from the design phase.

When a project uses multiple companies for the design and construction process, the client must seek bids to complete the project as proposed. This means it often ends up costing more than the desired budget.

A design build company is a single entity. Therefore, this eliminates duplications or the expectation of separate profits that two entities would require. As a result, the cost of design-build projects performed by a single company is less than when you use two or more companies.


The design build company will endeavor to minimize any disruptions created by the remodel from the beginning of the project. The company will work with the homeowners to schedule each step of the process. This allows the project to advance as it fits with the homeowners’ schedule best.

Ongoing communications and real-time feedback are hallmarks of the design build and client relationship. Once the lines of communication have been established, the design build team will maintain ongoing and timely updates.


Accountability is clearly evident when an expert design-build team is responsible for the entire project. The other option is one company creates a design and another tries to execute the plan. Often “gray areas” appear relating to the design. It is hard to determine who is responsible for these problems as they occur.

Misinterpretations of the designer’s plan are also common. This leaves the homeowners with a sometimes unresolvable “back and forth” headache. However, when working with a design build team, homeowners are in contact with the same team all the way through.

Collaboration with the Homeowners

With design-team professionals on the job from start to finish, the homeowners become part of the planning and execution of the project. The design build team communicates throughout the project, keeping the homeowners informed of the progress. Homeowners also have the chance to make minor adjustments along the way.

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