Choosing The Best Windows For Our Indiana Weather

Choosing The Best Windows For Our Indiana Weather

Indiana, as you know, is in the northern climate zone of the United States. That means the state is exposed to searing hot temperatures in the summer, and brutally cold weather in the winter.

To make sure your home has been built to withstand these variances in temperatures it needs to be well insulated with high-efficiency furnaces or air conditioners. These appliances help lower your energy bill every time they run.

However, the weak points in every dwelling are the windows. It doesn’t matter how efficient your appliances are or how much insulation you have added, if you have sub-par windows, you’re going to have a lot of energy passing through them.

That’s one of the reasons why modern windows are so important towards energy savings in these days of high energy bills.

Just the Facts

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Energy efficient windows will save you an average of about 12% on every energy bill. Depending on how large your home is, you should be able to pay off your new windows in about 10 years.

That may sound like a lot, but considering most people stay in their homes for 13 years, replacement windows become a very good deal.

Energy efficient windows are high on the list of remodels which will raise the value of your home. You can expect to expect to recover 60%-90% of the cost of installing the windows.

Everyone loves that type of savings, and if you were able to subsidize some of the cost through the Federal or your local State Energy program, it’s even a sweeter deal.

The bottom line here is that you really can’t lose by getting energy efficient windows.

What Are The Best Windows?

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Modern advances in window technology make them almost as energy efficient as insulated walls. Ideally, you’ll want windows that reflect sunlight in the summer, while trapping heat in for the winter.

The best way to do this is using multiple panes of glass. Triple and quadruple glass panes, filled with an inert gas between each pane, limits heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

The best of these windows also feature mirrored glazing on the outer panes to reflect sunlight away from the house. When the sun is shining, only a fraction of its heat will make it inside.

That automatically makes your air conditioning system much more efficient.

Multi-pane windows work equally as well in the winter. Those inert gas filled air gaps limit heat transfer through the glass. They work much like a thermos bottle that keeps heat in and cold out.

Once again, that type of effectiveness automatically makes your furnace more efficient because it doesn’t have to keep running to overcome and compensate for the natural heat loss through the window.

Selecting The Best Windows For Your Home

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You can research the best windows for your house or home, but there is an easier way. Look for the Energy Star label on the windows you’re purchasing, and take a look at their website for more information.

With the Energy Star label, you can be assured that these are the most efficient windows on the planet and that you’ll get the maximum amount of energy efficiency when they are installed.

If you have any questions about what windows are right for you, contact the Masters Design Build Group. We know windows and frames while offering complete designing and building services too.