Design Checklist for a Kitchen Makeover

Begin your successful kitchen project with our handy checklist for a kitchen makeover. Creating a visually appealing workspace with the right appliances, ergonomic sensibility, ample workspace, and storage requires a lot of careful planning and forethought.

After all, your kitchen is the most important room in the home, the center where meals are prepared and people congregate. 

So what exactly should your checklist for a kitchen makeover include?

Check Your Budget

A makeover that will convert your tired, decades-old kitchen into a stunning and elegant space. As well it can increase the value of your home substantially. You may not be looking to sell your home soon, a successful kitchen remodel will enhance your quality of life. While also adding a sense of personal pride in your home.

Working with a design-build company that specializes in kitchen remodels, allows you to immediately compare your available financial resources with a variety of kitchen upgrade possibilities. The designer will be able to work within your proposed budget limit. And therefore able to determine which improvements are possible within that framework.

Set Your Priorities

Decide what your main priorities are. After all, if your budget is a limiting factor, some improvements may need to be delayed for now.

If more workspace is the top objective, then perhaps your existing appliances will still work fine within a new configuration.

Or, you may simply look for minor changes in the current layout, but prefer to rearrange and install new appliances or new lighting and countertops.

Your design-build professional will understand the cost of all the elements. Hence, can help you to match the budget with your priorities.

Choosing Colors and Style

As a homeowner, you should be investing time in comparing color schemes and styles by researching publications and looking at recently completed projects. Would you be considering a totally different style like French Country, Traditional, Modern, Farmhouse, or Mediterranean? Each of these styles comes with different cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and color palettes.

Logistical and Infrastructure Considerations 

While collaborating with your designer, you will need to address certain technical issues and determine which existing elements can be reused or moved. Such as:

  • Will your new appliances use the same energy sources as the old ones?
  • Is existing wiring adequate for the new design?
  • Will gas lines need to be rerouted?
  • Will new appliances fit through the doorways?
  • Do exhaust fans and vents need to be relocated?
  • Do you have somewhere to stage appliances or building materials during the makeover process?

Hire an Experienced Design Build Company

When looking for a company to handle your kitchen makeover, a design-build contractor makes the most sense. Work with an expert designer who is also responsible for the construction. Thus you can be assured that their costings will be accurate. 

Other advantages are:

  • Shared Vision: As part of the initial discussion and planning, the design-build company understands what you want.
  • Communication: You will be communicating with the same individuals from initial planning right through to the completion of the project.
  • Perfect Execution: Because the same company creates the design, any confusion about transforming the plans into reality is eliminated.
  • Cost: When the design and construction are handled by two different entities, you will be paying separate profit and overhead costs. When the design and build functions are provided by a single company, your finished cost will usually be lower.

Completion Targets and Other Considerations

How long will the project take? Will you experience significant disruption and perhaps need to move out for some time? Is there an alternative for a secondary or temporary kitchen while construction is going on? 

Your design-build company should have a well-planned timeline, one that will minimize the impact of the disruption.

Contact Master’s Design Build

In Eastern Pennsylvania, serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties and surrounding areas, Master’s Design Build Group has more than a decade of experience helping homeowners realize their kitchen makeover dreams. By transforming highly creative designs into beautifully executed remodels. The professionals at Master’s Design Build have delighted hundreds of clients with perfect results and economical solutions. 

Contact us for more information and to set up a consultation. We are happy to discuss your long-overdue kitchen makeover project. Visit the Masters’ Design Build Group website or phone for an appointment at +1 215 723 6162.