How to Increase Storage Space in a Small Kitchen

Usually after we’ve been in our homes for a few years, we begin to realize limitations in the original design. Storage, particularly in smaller kitchens, sometimes transforms from a minor inconvenience into a major annoyance. How can you increase storage space in a small kitchen?

Finding space for your food inventory, pots, pans, utensils, and small appliances can become a headache, often requiring you to store items in other rooms.

In many instances, we are forced to buy food in smaller, less economical quantities because we don’t have the storage space in the kitchen.

Is there a solution?

Consider a Kitchen Redesign

Kitchen space limitations have been around forever. Sure, adding a new wing to your home or moving to a new house are solutions. But these answers are not always viable or affordable.

More practical solutions often require design creativity on a smaller scale. Moreover, making better use of the cubic volume you already have. Experienced designers are able to address these issues in several economical and practical ways.

First consider working with a proven design build company to assess your situation, address the limitations, and offer you creative options to create a more efficient and ergonomic space for your kitchen.

Top 4 options to discuss with your chosen design build company

Upgrade the Pantry

Examine your current pantry and it’s contents. You may note that only about two-thirds of the total interior volume is full. Respacing the shelving to adjust the height and add one or two more shelves might be a workable option. You can then dedicate one shelf to tall goods as you adjust the spacing for the rest of your inventory. Remember not to let one or two tall items limit the potential for an extra shelf or two.

Additionally, pull out shelves or drawers can improve access and use space more efficiently. Attaching small-item racking to the inside of your pantry doors for spices and small containers can also help ease overcrowding.

Remodel or Replace Existing Cabinetry

If your budget permits, an experienced kitchen designer may recommend remodeling or replacing your cabinetry. While this is a practical improvement, you will also be enhancing the beauty of your home’s most important space. 

Modern cabinetry is designed to maximize your space by incorporating pull-out drawers, double or triple rotating racks, and additional shelving. You might also choose to extend the cabinetry height to add space for rarely used items.

Recessed Storage

You may have considerable unused space within the walls. Furthermore, creating an additional pantry with or without doors could be an option. This is accomplished by cutting between vertical studs can be a great option. As a result, it will provide a shallow cabinet or pantry, suitable for cans, spices, cereal boxes, or even some of those small appliances that are taking up counter space.

Kitchen Island

Adding a beautiful, functional kitchen island can improve your kitchen in the following ways.

  • Provide additional storage
  • Centralize and enhance your workspace
  • Create beauty and drama in your kitchen

An experienced design build contractor will work with you to shape and construct a center island that fits within your small kitchen to add efficiency and storage space. Fully plumbed and wired, a new center island will become a kitchen within a kitchen. It can be used to store frequently used items. From oils and seasonings to pots, pans, and small appliances while giving more counter space. 

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