Kitchen Remodels to Increase Your Home’s Value

Real estate and home upgrade experts agree that major kitchen remodels increase your home’s value. And deliver a higher return on investment (ROI). More than most other home improvements. Prospective buyers can easily be turned off by a dated, drab kitchen. They may look elsewhere. Or determine your selling price is too high. Considering the cost to raise the kitchen to a more contemporary standard.

Even if you are not selling, kitchen remodels can make a huge difference in your life. New cabinets, a center island, beautiful countertops with dramatic lighting, or a complete reimagining will reignite the excitement and pride you once had. 

A stunning new kitchen will create a profound first impression among visitors to your home. And, the functional improvements for cooking, baking, storing, and cleaning will make these tasks seem less tedious in your new modern kitchen.

Reimagining Your Kitchen

To infuse a particular theme into your kitchen, you must coordinate color, placement, and material choices to create a beautiful and highly functional space. A complete redesign of many elements of the room may be required. 

Your style choice is a fundamental decision. You might opt for French Country, Modern Elegance, Quakertown PA, Luxury Granite, or propose another theme that is attractive to you. 

Creating the Blueprint

You have probably lived with your kitchen for a long time. You are accustomed to working with your cabinets that are too small, scarred, or poorly situated for efficiency. Maybe you had purchased an older home, and the kitchen is in desperate need of an upgrade. More can be done with less if you have proper thought and planning. 

Before embarking on any major kitchen remodel project, make sure you are working with proven, trusted professionals. An experienced designer can help you envision all the possibilities. Upgrading, moving, modifying, or adding the components to your kitchen design such as:

New Cabinetry and Pantry

Cabinets are the dominant feature of any kitchen. You should determine the ideal location of cabinets and storage. Keep in mind the relation to the sinks, stove, and preparation areas.

The color and materials used for your cabinets will also impact the overall theme of the room. You might even choose to designate some space for the construction of a new pantry to provide extra storage.

Center Island Workspace 

If you already have a center island in your kitchen, you know how important it is. Especially for preparation, supplemental storage, and socializing. An attractive, correctly sized island can enhance the beauty and efficiency of your kitchen.

Upscale Countertops and Backsplashes 

Many materials are popular for modern countertops. Granite, marble, quartz, stainless steel, and some newer composites offer a variety of textures and tones.

Softer, neutral tones are more in favor these days than brighter, dominant shades. Coordinated tile backsplashes can provide a strong accent to the entire room. 

State-of-the-Art Appliances 

Coordinated refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers should fit in with the rest of the kitchen remodel while offering labor-saving features.

Sink and Fixtures 

Match your sink and fixtures to the overall theme. These items will help to tie together the theme of your kitchen.

Adaptable Lighting

Install lighting that lets you see what you are doing while preparing and serving food and drinks, yet is adjustable to a softer, indirect look for socializing.

Master’s Design Build: Kitchen Remodel Experts

Kitchen remodels increase your home’s value. Award-winning Master’s Design Build Group, situated in Hatfield PA, performs high-quality kitchen remodels. As well as, builds new construction for clients throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties and adjacent areas. 

After an initial no-obligation meeting to discuss your vision, budget, and design criteria. The Master’s Design-Build experts can design the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

Once you approve both the plan and budget, the Master’s construction crew will begin the project. They work closely with you throughout the process and the final walk-through.

Visit the Master’s Design Build website. See some of their recent kitchen remodel styles and to get ideas for your remodel or design.

For answers to your remodeling or construction questions, please contact the professionals at Master’s Design Build at +1-215-723-6162