Luxury Ideas for your Master Bathroom Upgrade

While having a luxurious master bathroom in your home is considered a smart remodeling investment. The delight you will experience will be exceptional. A beautifully designed master bathroom upgrade can be truly uplifting, providing an opportunity to escape into a spa-like atmosphere.

Whether converting available space or creating a strategically designed add-on, the design options for adding your dream spa-like setting adjacent to your master bedroom are almost limitless.

Developing Your Game Plan

A new master bath upgrade can include a variety of new features. How extensive (and expensive) the project depends on how distant your current reality is from your dream. If, as with many homeowners, the transformation requires an extensive demolition and reconstruction to convert a 1980s-1990s bath into a 2020s luxury master bathroom, you should work with a professional designer to create the plan.

In many instances, the conversion will involve reconfiguring adjacent space currently used for another purpose that a professional designer can help you visualize into your new bathroom.

What style would you like your new bathroom to be? You can select from a wide range of themes, including French farmhouse, traditional, antique, modern, European, Oriental, or any other that fits your style and taste.

Understanding Your Space

With the help of your designer who should have extensive knowledge of construction possibilities and limitations, you will weigh the viability of the many exciting master bath ideas and accessories.

Create a Focal Point

Space permitting, a center island can be an appealing and practical option for a new bathroom. This feature offers a decorative centerpiece for the room as well as a functional element with drawers and additional counter space.

Selecting Your Spa Tub

Another focal point, the bathtub, should match the style of the entire room. Your chosen motif, plus space availability, should determine the style of bathtub to select. Popular options include:

  • Freestanding
  • Vintage Claw-foot
  • Alcove
  • Corner
  • Undermount
  • Japanese Ofuro or soaking tub
  • Drop-in or Platform

Walls, Floors, and Countertops

A critical component of the ambiance of your master bathroom will be your choice of wall, floor, and shower materials. Choose from a broad spectrum of cladding products in ceramic tile and stone or wood veneers to complement your design.

Marble, travertine, and limestone veneers and tiles with mosaic accents can impart an aura of elegance and timelessness that other materials cannot.


Create the mood of choice in your in-home spa with dimmable, well-placed lighting fixtures. LED lighting fixtures with indirect positioning and even chandeliers can make your new master bathroom a delightful oasis.

If your home configuration allows, consider a skylight or an attractive window to provide natural lighting in the daytime.

Advantages of Working with a Professional Design-Build Team

The most effective way to transfer your vision into reality. Work with a company that provides both the design and construction of your new master bathroom. First, collaborate to transfer your dream into a workable plan. Then the designer will be responsible for implementing the project by managing the construction phase as well. Employing the same company for both aspects has several distinct advantages. These include:

  • A better understanding of your expectations.
  • Less confusion during the construction phase
  • Lower finished cost with a single profit center
  • Greater efficiency
  • Eliminating transition time lag
  • Continual communication from concept to completion

Contact Master’s Design Build

The award-winning professionals at Master’s Design Build of Eastern Pennsylvania work closely with home and business owners to realize their remodeling dreams. After an initial no-obligation meeting to discuss your vision, budget, and design criteria, the Master’s designer will present options that match the style you seek.

Once you approve both the plan and budget, the Master’s construction crew will begin the project. Working closely with you throughout the process and the final walk-through. Together we will deliver a master bathroom upgrade that you can enjoy for years to come.

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