Redesign Your Floor Plan to Create Your Dream Home

As life goes on, your wants and needs change. Whether your home has an outdated interior layout or the existing floor plan no longer fits your needs, you don’t have to move. A redesign of your floor plan can incorporate all your current requirements without exceeding your budget.

Families tend to grow and then diminish over time. You may suddenly realize that there could be a better way to configure your space to meet these changes. Perhaps you envision a redesigned open kitchen, home office, elegant master bedroom, or even an upgraded and expanded spa-like bathroom.

While reconfiguring is a distinct option, in some instances, an add-on could also provide the space to allow you to redesign other living areas.

Working with a Qualified Design Build Expert

A redesign of your floor plan requires imagination, a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, and collaboration with a qualified designer

Two heads are always better than one. A design build expert has extensive experience in redesigning living spaces. Not to mention a significant understanding of the possibilities and limitations of each home. 

Always remember that there may be more than one acceptable solution to your requests.

Expert Ideas to Redesign Your Floor Plan

1. Grow by Adding On

Exterior space permitting, increasing your home’s existing footprint by adding on is a great solution. The new floor space can become a family room, spacious master bedroom, or a bright modern kitchen. Add-ons also free up existing space that can transform into a bedroom, den, or office.

Additionally, a well-designed and maintained deck, particularly in warmer climates, can act as an additional living area. This addition can also increase the resale value of your home significantly.

2. Add Another Level

When “adding on” is not an ideal solution due to compromising your landscape, how about “adding up”? Creating an additional level that maintains the exterior integrity of your home can be an excellent choice for more living space. Extra space atop your first floor can add significant space to your home. Perhaps you would like a quiet den, hobby room, or even an additional bedroom and bathroom.

Your design build professional will ensure the lower level walls and foundation are structurally sufficient to support the added weight.

3. Finish the Basement

Unfinished basements offer endless opportunities to add to your existing space. All or part can be transformed into comfortable and practical home offices, workout areas, playrooms, and even bedrooms and bathrooms for guests or a growing family. By converting the basement into a practical space, you can then rearrange the main floor for optimal use. 

4. Reimagine Your Master Bedroom

Create a private sanctuary with a redesign of your floor plan in your master bedroom. Perhaps you have been graced with additional space because of one of the space-enhancing projects above, or maybe children have left the home. As a result, you might consider making two rooms into one. Imagine a spacious, dream master suite. You could add an elegant spa-like bathroom, walk-in closets, and a peaceful sitting area. 

5. Open Up Your Existing Space 

Older homes tend to be very compartmentalized, with each room sectioned off by walls and partitions. An experienced design build expert can help you visualize an open concept surrounding the kitchen. An open concept plan can allow easy entertaining between the main areas. Openness contributes to open communication between areas while permitting more natural light throughout the day. 

Also, many rooms can benefit from removing the existing drywall to give the sense of more space. Exposing or adding ceiling beams can also create a unique aesthetic for your home. Removing or changing wall placement can be a great way to change your floor plan. 

Your design build specialist will walk you through which walls are able to be removed and which are load bearing. This ensures the structural integrity will not be affected. 

6. Incorporate the Garage

Another idea to consider in a redesign of your floor plan is your garage space. Whether attached or not, can be finished to create an additional self-contained living area. This could be a family room, playroom, home office, or bedroom. By adding insulation, drywall, flooring and possibly even a few walls you can have an easy extension added to your home.

7. Finish the Attic

In many instances, the attic above your garage or home can be reimagined to create usable space. These can be transformed into dramatic bedrooms, offices, or quiet areas for work and study. Be aware that not all attics can be converted to a living space. Consult with your design build expert as the floor joists may need to be strengthened before work begins. 

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