Simple Ideas for Elegant Bathroom Makeovers

Simple Ideas for Elegant Bathroom Makeovers

Do you love your bathroom? Your bathroom is probably your first stop in the morning and your last stop before hopping into bed at night. Our bathrooms are important, still we might not give them the appreciation they deserve because we think of them as a quick-in, quick-out pitstop. Here are a few simple remodeling ideas for elegant bathroom makeovers.

You can transform your bathroom into a luxury spa, a Saturday night sanctuary, or simply a beautiful space for your morning and evening routines. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Go White

Instead of endless color coordinating, try floor-to-ceiling white. Think of white as a perfect blank canvas to showcase your colorful bath accessories. You can also add a suggestion of color by selecting copper, chrome, brushed nickel, or polished brass faucets, showerheads, and towel bars.

Add Glass

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, but glass and mirrors can give it an elegant, spacious, and modern feel. Large mirrored surfaces reflect images and light to make bathrooms appear more spacious. If you replace your shower curtains or old shower door with a stylish glass enclosure, you’ll see an amazing transformation. Here are just a few of the available glass options:

  • Frameless or beveled glass shower doors
  • Hexagonal or rectangular shower enclosures
  • Swinging glass shower doors
  • Clear, smoky, etched, or privacy glass options
  • Glass or mirrored shelving
  • Decorator windows

Install Spa Features

Transform your bathroom by adding a few spa features. Once you pay for the remodeling, you won’t have to pull out a credit card every time you’re in the mood for a spa experience. Here a few ideas to consider:

  • Deep tub for soaking
  • Whirlpool with soothing jets of water
  • Bubbly air bath
  • Wall and ceiling mounted shower sprays
  • In-bath music
  • Heat lamps
  • Jacuzzi or hot tub

Go Contemporary

If you haven’t upgraded your bathroom in a while, you might be surprised at these modern design choices.

Freestanding bathtubs – The new acrylic compound bathtubs have a sleek, curved look that’s reminiscent of an oversized eggshell. Others are updated copper or cast iron versions of old “claw-foot” designs. If you add a freestanding faucet, you can move your tub out of the corner to wherever you please.

Countertop Sinks – These stone or glass sinks are the perfect addition to a contemporary bathroom. Their smooth eggshell look makes them compatible with many freestanding tubs.

Waterfall Fixtures – You can create instant bathroom elegance with these smooth and sleek fixtures in brushed or polished metal. Waterfall faucets and shower heads can be straight or gently curved. Instead of a traditional flow of water through a circular faucet opening, they release an arc of water through or over a flattened rectangular opening.

Modern Toilets – Modern toilets come in a variety designs to fit your bathroom look and your personal taste. Most of the new designs come in basic white, but for a bold change, you can find a toilet in any color you choose, including basic black. Here are a few options:

  • Single-piece units, no wall-mounted tank
  • Elongated bowl for higher, comfortable seating
  • Designs with squared edges instead of rounded curves
  • Illuminated seats for nighttime visibility

Install a New Cabinet and Vanity

When you replace your vanity and cabinet with new elegant versions, it can make a big difference in the overall look of your bathroom. You can choose from freestanding, built-in, and wall-mounted styles. You also have a number of material choices, including a variety of woods, stainless steel, bamboo, and stone.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

If you want to make small upgrades in your bathroom, try changing the knobs on your cabinet doors and vanity drawers. You’ll find knobs and pulls in metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, or just about any material you prefer.

Have a Plan

When you begin the process of remodeling your bathroom into a room you love, it can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and your choices are often controlled by a budget. It’s best to have a plan, and we can help you with that. When you’re ready to get started or simply want more information, contact us at 215-723-6162.

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