Why Summer is the Perfect Time for a Bathroom Remodel

The design for your beautiful new bathroom is taking shape. By collaborating with a designer, you can include all your ideas and style decisions together into one beautiful, seamless result. 

The best approach for any remodel is to begin the design stage months before you expect the work to begin. With a bathroom remodel, you are best to start the process with a professional design-build company in late winter or spring. This allows you to remodel in the summertime. It is important to have ample time to create a design, order the needed materials and plan for construction.

Here are some reasons why summer can be the perfect time for a bathroom remodel.

Great Time to Head Out for Mini-Vacation 

Bathroom remodeling, even with the most cooperative builder and a set timetable, can be disruptive. Leaving town for a short getaway while workers occupy your main bathroom is a great idea.

With a significant remodel, your floors and walls will undergo dramatic changes. As well as the install of new plumbing, fixtures, bath and/or shower. This means your bathroom will likely be out of service during the remodel, Additionally workers will be moving through other parts of your home to access the bathroom area.

Weather is Best for Remodeling

Extensive remodeling projects, even with the most thoughtful design-build company, demand a lot of movement. Workers must carry tools, equipment, and materials from outside through to the work space. Since master bathrooms tend to be the furthest from any exterior entry points, foot traffic may cross several rooms and hallways. Even the main bath is often in the middle of the house. 

During the warmer months, workers are less likely to bring in mud and water while transporting materials to the necessary area. If the weather is wet or snowy outside, workers spend substantial time covering their footwear. Additionally, laying floor or carpet protection for their route to the project area. 

Continually opening and closing doors to the outside also wastes a great deal of energy. Summer temperatures help reduce energy waste as doors can be left open. Additionally, the heat will with the drying time of paint, sealers, and grout, helping stick to the timetable.

Complete Your Bathroom Before the Holiday Season

Having your beautifully remodeled bathroom completed before the holiday season is another excellent motivation. The remodel can be completed in time for entertaining. Thus you can proudly present your elegant new bathroom to family and friends. Completing the remodel by late summer gives you time to add those extra special decorating touches that will make the room even more stunning.

Why a Design-Build Company is Best for Your Bathroom Remodel

Employing a single company to collaborate with you on the design and execution creates a seamless, less complicated process. From the beginning of the design process to the final walkthrough, you will be communicating with the same individuals. This continuity eliminates the confusion in translating the plan from the designer to the building crew. It also allows you to coordinate a workable construction timetable during the design phase.

Furthermore, the total cost is usually be less because only one company works on your project.

Contact an Award-Winning Design Build Company

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