In-law Suite Additions

As the massive Baby Boomer generation ages, many kids are volunteering their homes to accommodate their parents. Reasons may be financial, geographic, or a desire to be close to grandchildren. Creating a high-quality, independent and separate accommodation is simplified with a reputable and creative general contractor.

And, according to a Pew Research article, 31.6% of adults between 18 and 34 are living in their parents’ home and, to maintain the sanity of all involved, a self-maintained apartment is appropriate in these instances as well.

To smooth the way, hiring a professional design-build company with an extensive portfolio of successful remodeling projects and satisfied customers is an excellent choice. Therefore a quality design-build company that has already completed other builds that accommodate a separate dwelling or attached to the primary structure will help realize your vision.

Typical Considerations for a Quality In-Law Suite

The designer’s challenge is to add a quality in-law suite to the existing structure that will not degrade but enhances and complements the exterior appearance of the original home. Similarly, while the suite and the main part of the house may share interior accesses, complete privacy and sound insulation for both sections of the home should be included.

A well-designed and constructed in-law suite can add value to a home, and the designer-builder will have to comply with all building codes. Considerations include:

Attached or Detached In-Law Suite

Some home and lot configurations may not accommodate attaching an in-law suite. However, a nicely designed separate dwelling, connected with a covered walkway, may add to the beauty of the property and enhance the privacy aspects.

Septic Planning

Depending on the existing home and location, adding a bathroom and kitchen can have critical septic considerations which should be an essential part of the remodel design.

Heating and Air Conditioning Considerations

Installing separate heat and air conditioning controls can guarantee a comfortable living space. Check with your existing service professionals to see if your current system can sustain the edition or whether new additions need to be planned.

Safety Detectors

Install separate fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors in the new space.  This is not something to overlook in the in-law suite addition!


Consider emergency call buttons, if appropriate.  As well, plan ahead to potential future needs.  Examine what may be beneficial to do now while initial construction is occurring.

Other Features

If your family members are elderly, bathrooms may need to accommodate accessibility issues with specially designed features such as wider doorways for wheelchairs and showers with easy access and no steps, grab bars, and shower bench.

Advantages of Design-Build for In-Law Suites

During an initial consultation, an experienced designer, such as Master’s Design-Build of Hatfield PA, will consult with the property owners and future residents to identify the features that should be included. The design usually consists of a kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms plus a separate entrance. Additionally, considerations of electrical and plumbing need to be explored.

Master’s Design-Build will also review the existing layout of the home to determine how and where to situate the modifications. With the end result of minimal disruption while keeping the best architectural elements of the home. The advantages of having a reputable design-build company manage both the design and construction phase are:

  • Seamless flow from concept to completion
  • Continual communication between owner and the designer-builder
  • No misunderstanding, errors, or modifications to the design that often occurs when separate companies are employed
  • Eliminate mistakes in building cost estimates
  • Lower cost due to the elimination of overlapping responsibilities and additional profit objectives

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Consider the advantages of taking your in-law suite ideas to a professional designer-builder. They can guide you to arrive at a shared vision. Visit the Master's Design-Build website to view a few of the outstanding projects. These represent collaborations on with their customers from concept to completion.

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