Small Bathrooms

There’s hope for your small bathroom!

Smaller bathrooms can be remodeled to seem larger. By introducing right-sized elements, creative storage solutions, and a well-designed combination of materials, light, and color, a bathroom transformation can become a reality. A plan that lends physical and visual volume to uncomfortably small spaces can magically transform the look and feel of an entire home.

Using computer-aided design technology, an experienced home designer can recreate an existing bathroom to demonstrate how, with the right techniques and materials, a smaller room can take on a more spacious appearance.

And, if adjacent space is available, a proven design and build company like ours could perform a more extensive reconstruction by enlarging the existing space to accommodate greater capacity.

Design: The Starting Point

Whether you intend to reinvent an existing small bathroom or to expand one, a professional design-build company will collaborate with you to create a glorious new bathroom that will be inviting to family and visitors. Your cramped and unappealing small bathroom can become a bright and elegant space.

Professionals at Master’s Design Build Group in Hatfield PA have been recreating home spaces for over 15 years. The company employs a design-build process which seamlessly incorporates creative designs into a perfectly executed remodels. By integrating the design with the construction, the potential for unexpected consequences from unrealistic design elements is eliminated.

A Few Techniques for Making a Small Bathroom Seem Larger

When the expansion is impossible, visual enhancements and rearranging and replacing bulky elements with compact, attractive, and functional pieces can seem to broaden the space considerably. For example:

  • Replacing a bulky vanity with a pedestal sink and an embedded cabinet and mirror will add volume to the room.
  • Adding natural light by creating or expanding windows or skylights, if possible, incorporates the room with space-enhancing natural light. Even a solar tube that allows external light can be beneficial.
  • Lighter colors and larger wall and floor tiles create a lighter and airier aura to the room.
  • Creative, built-in cabinetry will provide the necessary storage without stealing indue space.
  • For shower and bath, light and brightly colored mosaic tiles enclosed in clear glass panels reveal accent highlights without obstruction.
  • Installing a frameless glass shower area with clear, tempered glass instead of opaque or frosted glass with metal framing opens up the room.

Build: Executing the Plan

Every space is different. Volume-enhancing strategies that work in one configuration may have less impact on others. Proven design and build experts bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and talent to each project by knowing which techniques are practical and may be executed.

By integrating the design and construction processes, award-winning companies like Master’s Design Build can transform your dreams into spectacular reality while remaining engaged throughout the entire process. By eliminating the often clumsy hand-off between the designer and the builder, mistakes, rework, and cost overruns do not occur.

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