Second Story Additions

You love your home and the neighborhood, but there's not enough space for your growing needs with your single story home. Or, perhaps you’d love to have more space for your hobbies, a library or sitting room, a sewing room, or an in-home office. You don’t want to take away any part of your lawn with a same-floor addition, the only way to go is up with a second story addition!

If a second-floor addition is a possibility, you must make sure that it's built well and the end product will complement, not detract, from the existing structure. Whether your goal is to add to an existing second story or create new upper-level space for a bedroom or other use, finding an excellent designer and builder for the second story build is essential.

In fact, combining the entire design and construction phases into one highly regarded team is the best approach. A design-build company thoroughly understands the design elements. Misinterpretation and miscommunication won't happen like when you use separate designers and contractors together.

What Does a Second Floor Addition Involve?

A second-floor addition can range from small and subtle to a complete rehaul. For example, turning a single-story ranch into a two-story colonial requires the removal of the existing roof and building and creating a whole new upper level. While this expansion seems drastic, no foundation work is needed.  

In some instances, to save money, the existing roof might be lifted from the existing one store structure and replaced on the newly constructed second floor. But, to avoid creating a rectangular box, consider the possibility of adding several angular features to break the monotony. Also adding shutters, eaves, and dormers can create a stylish new profile that is compatible with the existing lower level.

When a partial second level addition is needed, the new space might be extended on top of an existing porch or garage.

In each case, the strength of the lower level and foundation must be measured to guarantee that the new upper-level addition will not create instability in the overall structure.

The Design Phase

The most crucial element of the design phase for the home addition is to make sure the homeowner and the designer are entirely in sync concerning requirements and potential changes. A brand new second-floor addition can have a significant impact on not only the interior layout but the exterior profile and appearance of your home.

Meeting with a qualified design-build company to discuss your vision is the logical first step. The advantage a design-build company brings is an understanding of all architectural options as well as the practicality of execution.

In instances when the designer and builder are separate entities, the designer may create a design that is “great on paper,” yet some details fail to translate realistically to the finished project. After some finger pointing as well as costly and annoying delays, you may reach a compromise between the architect, builder and you, the homeowner.

A proven design-build company is included from the initial discussion to final walk-through. Clear and ongoing communication with the homeowner combined with careful oversight of the project will assure the project progresses successfully.

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