Master Suite Design

There comes a time when a stunning, yet practical, master suite can become a reality. Perhaps the children have grown and left home and you wish to upgrade your floor plan to create a stylish and accessible master bedroom and bathroom suite.

Alternatively, you may choose to convert two smaller bedrooms into the more spacious and elegant master suite of your dreams.

Perhaps you have just purchased a house that is otherwise perfect in style, functionality, location, and space, yet the master bedroom is dull and monotonous, desperately in need of change to be the suite of your dreams.  

Re-Imagining Your Master Bedroom

Whether recreating your existing master or creating a new one by converting space or adding on, the options are many. New flooring, wall coverings, or carpeting for the bedroom, adding a walk-in shower, a spa tub, contemporary fixtures, or mosaic tile backsplashes for the bathroom are only a few of the many possibilities for a beautiful and elegant master suite. Perhaps full-sized walk-in closets have been your dream?  Now is the time to make it a reality in your master suite design!

Working with a Professional Design-Build Team

While the homeowner will make all the final decisions, having the best advice and collaboration is essential. Although we all come equipped with individual design choices, a professional design and build company can:

  • Reinforce the validity of your design ideas
  • Suggest fresh master suite design ideas for consideration
  • Warn against impractical solutions
  • Present current trends and alternatives
  • Show similar master suite conversions
  • Certify the plan is both functional as well as attractive
  • Create software simulations to visualize the final product
  • Ensure a seamless flow from design to completion
  • Collaborate and communicate throughout the entire process

Questions to Ask During the Process

Before final approval of a plan, you must ask the following questions:

  1. How much will this cost? Advise the designer in advance of your proposed budget. If the design seems to be exceeding the budget objective, perhaps you may mutually agree on changes that will bring the project back in line.
  2. How long will the project take?
  3. How much disruption will there be? Will it be better to leave the house during the construction phase?

A design-build professional will be able to answer these questions immediately. Waiting for a separate construction firm to address these points may cause delays and considerable backtracking.

Other Advantages of Working with a Design-Build Company

Using separate companies for collaboration on the design phase and execution of the construction can be problematic. Many times confusion arises because of the misinterpretation of the designer’s intent. A design-build company with involvement from the initial meeting understands precisely the homeowners’ vision and can translate the plan into reality without additional discussion and review.

Also, because you are working with a single profit center for both design and construction, the cost of the entire project is likely to be less.

Collaboration is Key

Whether reconfiguring an existing bedroom and bathroom space, creating a suite by incorporating another room, or adding a new room to the current structure, an experienced design-build company can help you evaluate the most practical and budget-friendly options for your master suite.  The designer and homeowner, working together, can incorporate all the desired features while making sure nothing is omitted.

A second opinion is always useful when coordinating color schemes, styles, and material choices.

Master’s Design Build:  Award-Winning Master Suite Creations

For over a decade, the professionals at Master’s Design Build have been creating and constructing award-winning additions and remodels for homeowners in Montgomery, Bucks, and surrounding Pennsylvania counties. Led by experienced design and build professionals, Brian and Cheryl Martin, the entire Master’s Team focuses on ensuring their clients’ home improvement dreams are fully realized.

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