Home office with built in bookcase and glass doors.

How to Create the Ideal Home Office Space

People are now working from their homes more than ever before. In fact, many newly built homes today are incorporating home office spaces to accommodate work-at-home situations. 

In an existing home, the challenge is finding a place that is efficient, minimizes interruptions, and provides most or all the amenities of a traditional office. After all, working from the kitchen table can be very distracting and even become annoying to others in the home. 

Think about how much better (and more productive) a quiet, well-equipped home office sanctuary can be. In some instances, the room might double as a study room for the kids in the evening or a home administrative space for managing the budget and correspondence.

So, what is the best approach to creating that dream home office?

Start with a Plan

First, decide what you need and who will use the space. This vision will help determine how much space you require and what equipment you need for the best results. Your home office should have sufficient room for a desk and work area. It should also be an environment that inspires creativity without distractions.

The main question becomes: “Where should the office be?” Below are some options for you to consider:

  • Convert a spare bedroom, attic space, or a section of the basement or garage.
  • Reconfigure the home’s existing floor plan.
  • Create a new space with a freestanding structure or a “bump-out” addition. 

A professional design build specialist can help you create a plan that accomplishes the goal by surveying your existing floor plan and offering multiple options that meet your needs and budget.

Design Suggestions for Your Home Office Design

  • Provide ample natural light. Having windows eliminates gloom and tends to provide motivation, enhance mental attitude, reduce stress, and increase focus and productivity.
  • Create sufficient space. Feeling cramped can hamper productivity. Over furnishing in a small room can be uncomfortable mentally and physically.
  • Apply engaging but not overpowering colors to the room. Monochromatic shades with splashes of bold accent are popular, although personal taste should play an essential role in your choice.
  • Add ample, but not stark, artificial lighting. To complement the natural light, include recessed, multi-layered lighting. This can really help you to feel more comfortable. Consider including an adjustable desk lamp. A design build expert can design the lighting plan that is most comfortable based on the user’s preferences.
  • Integrate built-in features like bookshelves and cabinets. These elements can maximize the space and provide sufficient room for books, documents, photos, and souvenirs.
  • Consider privacy and soundproofing. If video conferencing is part of regular working activity, create a soundproof environment to avoid exterior distractions. If the home office is remote from the other areas of the home, such as in a freestanding space, basement, garage, or attic location, soundproofing the office usually becomes less of an issue.
  • A door becomes a mandatory accessory if the space is inside near high-traffic areas. An attractive glass door can deaden the noise from the outside while providing some view of the activity in other parts of the home.

Contact a Design Build Professional

The experts at Master’s Design Build Group in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, understand the requirements of home-based professionals. As the nation’s workforce tends to migrate to home-based operations, the company is finding that integrating a productive office into an existing home has become a priority. 

Whether the project requires redesigning an existing floorplan, creatively adding onto the home, or designing and building a freestanding office, the experts at Master’s Design Build will collaborate with the homeowner to design and construct the best and most economical option.  

From the initial brainstorming consultation to the final walkthrough of the new home office, Master’s Design Build communicates and works closely with its clients throughout the process.

For more information regarding Master’s Design Build’s stunning past projects and remodels in Eastern Pennsylvania, visit the website.

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