Solar home heating options on 2 homes.

Home Heating Options to Add During a Renovation

With ever-rising energy costs and trends toward sustainability, many homeowners are looking for better, more cost-effective home heating options. In many instances, this improvement may be part of an overall renovation, making it a great time to accomplish all the upgrades at once with the least amount of intrusion.  

Renovations, particularly of older, often century-old homes, can be extensive. In many instances, addressing existing heating and air conditioning deficiencies can lead to bigger decisions. After all, you must consider the need for improved insulation, review the window and door frame integrity, and even the heating system. 

Notably, the payback for a modern, reimagined heating system can be substantial, for convenience, comfort, and finances. 

With a focus on operating costs and efficiency, the design build professional working with you on your renovation project can advise the best options for upgrading your home heating system. Below are some of the most common options to consider.

Popular Home Heating Options

In-Floor Radiant Heating

In-floor radiant heating systems consist of plastic water tubing or electric wiring routed through or embedded in, the flooring material. This system can be installed in concrete, wood, stone, or ceramic tile. As in-floor radiant heating networks adjust to temperature changes, it keeps rooms comfortable while radiating heat evenly throughout the home. 

Homeowners can choose to fuel in-floor radiant heating by natural gas, propane, electricity, or solar-heating water systems. 

Furnace Heating

Electric, natural gas, or oil-powered furnaces are still the most common heating option. While these forced air devices have become more efficient in recent years, one particular advantage is that they work in sync with your air conditioning equipment. 

However, furnaces powered by natural gas, propane, and oil can carry the risk of a sudden fire and carbon monoxide emissions. Furthermore, pricing is very dependent on global market conditions. This means the cost to heat your home fluctuates.

Baseboard Heating

Another version of radiant heating is baseboard heating. Baseboard heaters use a central boiler unit that heats and circulates hot water through low-profile floor or wall-mounted vents. While a descendant of the old radiator heating systems, these modern versions are efficient and clean. The fuel that heats the water may be natural gas, propane, or electricity.

Consider Switching to Solar Power 

A rapidly growing trend is the installation of solar power systems. Solar energy captures power from the sun that can power almost any heating system. This includes radiant floor heating, baseboard heating, or typical central forced-air heating systems. 

While solar energy itself is not a heating option, this choice is far more sustainable than using fossil fuels to power various heating devices.

First, Make Sure Your Home is Airtight

Even the most efficient heating system can be wasteful if the windows and doors of your home allow energy to escape. You should also consider updating insulation as poor or old insulation can let heat escape. Before deciding on which new heating system is best for your home, a professional energy survey is essential. If you plan a remodel project, your design build professional can help you determine the best, most economical course of action.

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