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Remodeling Your Laundry Room

When guests arrive, do you hurry to shut the door on a drab and disorganized laundry room so no-one can see inside? Consider remodeling your laundry room. 

In most instances, the laundry room is the most aesthetically challenged space in a home. Whether this important space is cramped and stifling, or just unsightly, homeowners everywhere are making changes.  

Remodeling a laundry room can mean improving its functionality with new countertops, or storage. Or, you might consider adding some dazzle to complement your otherwise beautifully furnished home. 

Furthermore, reimagining a different space in your home to create a comfortable, and user-friendly laundry room is the objective. 

Steps to Remodeling Your Laundry Room

Step 1: Expert Design Consultation

A refreshing remodel of any kind begins with your idea of what you want to accomplish. With these wishes in mind, a professional designer can offer suggestions that:

1) Improve the existing space. 

2) Expand the room to create more space.

3) Move the laundry room to another part of your home.

A laundry room does not have to be over-sized. However, the room should be well-organized, well illuminated, and ergonomically arranged to eliminate unnecessary bending, toting, twisting, and searching.

A significant laundry room remodel may include:

  • Additional counter space for easier sorting and folding
  • New, more efficient and attractive appliances
  • Built-in laundry bins 
  • Improved lighting 
  • Upgraded cabinetry
  • Additional shelving 
  • More electrical outlets
  • Ample closet rods for hanging clothes
  • An additional or upgraded sink and fixtures

Step 2: Choosing the Best Laundry Room Plan

With a clear understanding of your budget requirements, an experienced design-build professional can convert your laundry room wish list into a practical plan to renew your tired or outdated laundry room. 

Therefore an ideal laundry room remodel design should:

  • Fit within your budget.
  • Incorporate your dream features
  • Makes laundry a more manageable task with the ergonomic placement of workspace, storage, lighting, and appliances 

Once you have an idea of your ideal laundry room requirements, the design-build professional will make a plan that fits into your home. Either utilizing your current laundry space or recommending a new solution.

Step 3: Deciding on the Plan

Once the design-build professional has developed a plan that fits your budget and incorporates your dream features. You must approve the project to move forward. An experienced company like Master’s Design Build of Hatfield PA will work with you to create your plan, then seamlessly prepare to execute the remodel with their professional construction crew. 

Translating a detailed design into a beautiful creation works best when the same company is responsible for both the design and execution. In this situation, there is never a breakdown between the designer’s intent and the remodeler’s performance. 

Throughout the process, you will be communicating with the same individuals. This advantage translates to lower project costs, more efficiency, less confusion, greater accountability, and a shorter time from beginning to completion.

Step 4: Construction Phase

Once the project is a “go’, the design-build company should create a completion timeline that fits your schedule for the laundry room construction.  Additionally, all phases of the remodel, from scheduling the delivery of materials to adding the finishing touches should be planned to minimize disruption of your regular schedule with as little intrusion as possible. 

The design-builder will be communicating with you at each step, making the process as smooth as possible.

Step 5: Walk-Through

The remodel is complete only when you join the design-build professionals to inspect all the improvements you anticipated and to determine that your new laundry room is ready to go.

Contact Master’s Design Build

Serving Montgomery and Bucks Counties in Eastern Pennsylvania, the professionals at award-winning Master’s Design Build bring decades of experience in making homeowner’s remodel dreams come true.

Since 2003, when Brian and Cheryl Martin opened their business, Master’s Design Build has built or improved hundreds of laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, outdoor living spaces, master bedrooms, home interiors and exteriors and more throughout the surrounding communities.

To learn more about some Master’s Design Build transformations, visit the Master’s Gallery of finished projects. 

To schedule your initial consultation, visit the Master’s website, or phone +1-215-723-6162.


Remodel Lighting Design Tips

When planning a remodel of your kitchen, bathroom, or family room, lighting considerations are essential. Whether natural or built-in, lighting must be both functional and mood-setting. Consider the following remodel lighting design tips.

In the process, the designer for your remodel or new addition should add significant detail to the lighting strategy, making sure you achieve the precise effect you are seeking for the room.

Layering Light

Your lighting systems should incorporate “layers” for overall illumination, task-related activities, and for accenting elements of the room. The design should be able to establish the right degree of lighting for every situation. 

No single lighting fixture can provide all you need. For example, the lighting required for preparation and cooking in a kitchen is significantly different than the more subdued lighting needed to create a more dramatic aura to the room.

Similarly, the lighting for reading in the family room will differ from what you prefer for entertaining, relaxing, or even watching television.

Creating Ambient Lighting

The first layer of light should illuminate the room without producing uncomfortable glare or excessive shadows. During the day, you may blend natural light from the outside with soft lighting within. 

The degree of interior light potential to illuminate an entire room depends on many factors. Those being a time of day, and the placement and types of lights. Also, the lumens of visible light capability that your artificial light sources produce.

Your design specialist will be able to recommend options for lighting the entire room while eliminating glare. Options may include chandeliers, pendant lighting, or flush mounted ceiling light fixtures. Attractive track lighting recessed into the ceiling is another option, while wall sconces and flexible LED tape lighting hidden in the ceiling recess can be a nice architectural touch.

Task Lighting

For reading, sewing, food preparation, or other close work, the light needs to be focused on a single area. In a den or office, light from a portable desk or floor lamp can complement other room lighting to allow for easy recognition. 

In the kitchen, under-cabinet lighting will illuminate workspaces and countertops. This option emphasizes the contours of the room and is shadow-free if properly placed. 

Additionally, pendant lighting suspended above a center island will make food preparation easier. As well as adding focus to the center of the kitchen.

Accent Lighting

Soft or harsh, lighting can significantly impact the mood you wish to project.

Use accent lighting to create a focal point in a room while creating a warm, dramatic effect in a newly added or remodeled area. 

Wall sconces and picture lights highlight certain areas of a wall without producing a harsh, glaring effect. And, dimmable, recessed lighting can be adjusted to create the exact mood you are seeking. 

Designing the Lighting Systems

Work with your designer and use these remodel lighting design tips to achieve the lighting effects that are required. Indeed, in a remodel or new construction, installing your lighting preferences in advance is far better. As well as less costly than trying to add them later. 

Contact Master’s Design Build

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, Master’s Design Build is a premier home design and remodeling company. We have over a decade of experience serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties and nearby Pennsylvania communities. Master’s specializes in helping homeowners realize their dream homes.

Check out the Master’s Gallery of past projects to view some of their beautiful creations that have delighted previous clients.

Master’s Design Build is both a design expert and a foremost builder noted for exquisite craftsmanship. Thus, your project will move seamlessly from concept to completion. 

To discuss your design upgrades, including your lighting installation and remodel needs, contact the professionals at Master’s Design Build. We are located in Hatfield PA for a consultation at +1-215-723-6162.


Open Concept Design Tips for Remodeling Your Main Floor

Considering a home remodel? These open concept design tips can help you. In recent decades, many homeowners have started choosing to remove barriers and partitions. Especially between kitchens and family rooms or dining areas and living rooms to create a more open and sociable environment. Many realtors contend that open floor plans will increase the value of a home. As well as enhancing the traffic flow and social interaction within the home.

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