Functional idoor out door flow to outdoor livingroom.

How to Create a More Functional Indoor-Outdoor Flow

As the warmer months approach, our desire to move outside to relax or socialize emerges. In Pennsylvania, where winters can be difficult, the return of sunlight and warmth is always a welcome event. These ideas will help you create a functional indoor-outdoor flow.

A well-planned addition to your outdoor living space means you can enjoy the same sense of comfort and well-being during summertime that your den provides in the colder months. 

Consider upgrading or adding a patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, living room, or sunroom to give you the outdoor living space of your dreams. Or, maybe even an enclosed porch. This allows the airiness of the outdoors and nature even during a rainstorm or on a specially hot, sunny day.

Types of Outdoor Living Areas

In past years, outdoor living spaces have replaced home offices. Becoming the most popular “special room” remodel in homes throughout the United States. Whether open-air or as an enclosed room, these additions add significant value. As well as providing a cozy and comfortable escape for homeowners.

With proper design and execution, you can transition a tired patio or deck into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area. While there are almost infinite options for designing and furnishing a quality outdoor space, you may consider a:

  • well-furnished TV room with a bar 
  • outdoor kitchen with a fireplace/grill, sink, counter space with tables and seating areas
  • comfortable reading room with plants and relaxing artwork
  • living area for friends and family to relax and enjoy the fresh air, even while it is raining
  • home office or art studio that brings you closer to nature while enjoying the more natural light
  • off-bedroom suite addition with a reading corner and planting areas

Outdoor spaces can be used to create any type of room. The important part is to work with a proven, experienced design-build company to help you realize your vision.

Designing a functional Indoor-Outdoor flow

Professional designers of beautiful, highly functional outdoor spaces dedicate their skill and attention to creating natural transitions from the inside to the outside. This flow should seem natural rather than looking like an add-on. 

Whether the transition is level or requires steps down into your new outdoor living area, you might consider:

  1. Utilizing glass walls that visually connect the inside space to the outside. Glass walls admit more natural light and help to connect your inner space to your new outdoor area. Drapes or shades may be added to control the ambiance and privacy of both spaces.
  2. Using Frameless Sliding Glass Doors that eliminate visual barriers or fixtures when connecting the inner and outer spaces will make the areas seem more naturally connected.
  3. Heating entryway floors can make the flow more natural when the outer living area is not temperature controlled or enclosed.
  4. Complementary décor and furnishings to “blur” the border between the inside and out. The walls and furnishings might be more casual in your new outdoor living space. Therefore, consider coordinating these with the adjacent inner room. Matching color schemes and materials will make the flow seem much more natural.

Work with a Design-Build Professional 

Adding outdoor living space, enclosed or not, can be an exciting and rewarding project. A well-designed outdoor addition adds additional living space and functionality to your home. Both improvements will help add value to your property. 

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