Beautiful brick home with an in-law addition.

Aging in Place – Adding an In-Law Suite Addition

Time passes and life changes. What was suitable and desirable a decade ago may not be ideal today. May be time to think about adding an in-law suite addition.

As people age, their physical and financial demands of maintaining a personal residence can become burdensome. Sometimes a child or family member will provide a living space in their own home to accommodate aging parents.

But how can you invite loved ones into your home without disrupting everyone’s lives? For elderly residents, providing independence and privacy is essential. Though having a loving and caring family nearby can be comforting and beneficial.

The key to happiness in these multigenerational situations is to create an independent living environment or “in-law” suite that keeps the loved ones nearby without undue intrusion. Typically, this means remodeling or adding to an existing space by providing self-sustaining living quarters. Often these include a separate kitchen and living area, alongside the bathroom and bedroom. They may even have a separate entrance.

How to Accommodate Aging Relatives in Your Home

First request a professional designer’s assistance to analyze your circumstances, home, and property to determine what is possible. Furthermore, a design build professional can discuss your ideas, envision various scenarios, and present a practical and budget-friendly plan without detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The plan must address the physical needs of the individuals currently and in the not-so-distant future. For example, residents who use wheelchairs will require ramps for entry. Additionally, a specially designed bathroom and kitchen would be essential features of the living space.

The final design may require a limited remodel to utilize more space that is needed. In some instances, an add-on may be necessary. When property space is available, building a free-standing, architecturally compatible structure may be the best option.

Important Considerations for an In-Law Suite Addition to your home

With the help of your design professional, these are the primary considerations for an in-law suite remodel:

  1. Space: 

Can your property accommodate an addition or a free-standing structure? Zoning regulations will apply, so ensure your plan will not face setbacks or other possible restrictions. Is there a zoning restriction on having a separate, self-sufficient residence on the same property?

  1. Investment and Budget: 

How much can you afford to invest in the remodel or addition? Since they will be responsible for the entire project from concept to completion, design-build professionals can provide a realistic estimate of the cost early in the process.

  1. Home Value Appreciation: 

Since many families will eventually experience multigenerational living arrangements, a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing addition can add to the property’s long-term value. 

  1. Projected Need: 

Determining how long you will need the additional space is nearly impossible. Moreover, weighing your desire to provide a loved one with independent living space against the knowledge that the person may one day require around-the-clock care is complicated. However, having extra space available for guests or adult children moving back home is a real benefit. 

Consult a Design Build Professional

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