Beautifying Your Home’s Exterior

First impressions mean a lot. Curb appeal can make the difference between a quick sale or a continued search elsewhere. In any case, homeowners usually want to take pride in how their home looks while they live there.

Passerbyers develop an instant impression of a home or business with only a mere glance at the exterior appearance. Exterior materials and colors may be faded, stained, and worn with an exterior style that might have been popular thirty years ago.

Opportunities to improve the exterior appearance are not only a change of color or outside cladding. In most cases, while a coat of paint will help, this does not make notable difference in the home’s appearance.

Adding a portico, dormers, wainscoting, or even a new addition, can create a far more appealing profile to the home.

A professional design-build company is the right answer to your home’s facelift.

Contact a Professional Design-Build Company

A design-build company creates the design and then executes the project according to the approved plan.

Proven design-build companies like Master’s Design Build of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, work with homeowners from the initial brainstorming, dream-sharing meeting through to satisfactory completion. This seamless process enhances communications, eliminates misinterpretation of the intent, saves money, and keeps the homeowners abreast of progress at all times. The designer can even estimate building costs accurately for each idea during the design process.

Design Phase

The interaction begins with a meeting to develop a complete understanding of what the homeowners wish to accomplish. The design professional can share ideas and photographs from other homes and past projects.

Options to improve the exterior of your home are almost limitless, although the changes may depend on your:


How many alterations will depend on how much you are prepared to spend. Keep in mind that home improvements result in increased value of the home, so an upgrade is really an investment.

Existing structure

Most exterior modifications depend on the existing structure and layout of the house as well as the lot configuration. Furthermore, the designer will recommend exterior changes that are compatible with the current design and surroundings.

Desire to Add Space

Depending on the lot size and configuration, adding extra space to a home can improve the curb appeal while providing much needed extra space.

Exterior Beautification Options

Upgrade the Façade

Changing the exterior walls can have a dramatic impact. There are many options. New cladding, brick or stone veneer highlights, wainscoting, fresh wood or clapboard siding, or even a stucco finish can add style to your existing exterior. An overhang or portico supplemented by stone or brick walls and walkways near the entrance impart added drama as visitors approach.

Changing the Roof Profile

New shingles will make a dramatic difference in the roof’s appearance and upgrades the protection to the interior. For enhancements that benefit both the exterior and interior, consider adding dormers and skylights that admit more light inside while enhancing the overall exterior appearance of the home.

New Addition

A well-designed and compatible new addition can change the look of the home dramatically. For example, consider creating a new, more dramatic family room or an elegant master bedroom and bath. A new wing, properly placed, can enhance the overall outer appearance of the structure while providing highly practical and enjoyable new space.

Outdoor Entertainment

Replacing that old patio with new stone tiles and walls and building an outdoor fireplace or kitchen will provide homeowners with years of enjoyment and peaceful escapes. The area can be enclosed and heated to offer year-round enjoyment or left open for at least three seasons of outdoor pleasure.

Consider a firepit for cooler evenings, a gazebo, or even a pergola to add personality to your landscape.

Master’s Design Build

Located in Hatfield PA and serving Montgomery and surrounding counties, the Master’s Design Build professionals have been completing state-of-the-art interior and exterior remodels for over a decade. With their total commitment to completing every project exactly as the owner wants and on budget. Master’s has earned the highest reputation for quality work, timeliness, and customer satisfaction.

To work with professionals whose focus is on communication and execution, visit the Master’s Design Build website. View past projects, get ideas for your home, and to ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, phone the professionals at Master’s Design Build at +1-215-723-6162.