Custom Touches for Small Kitchens

small kitchens

Small kitchens can be challenging, but your kitchen is a powerful statement about who you are. You’ll need to make tons of choices that will impact how you live your daily life when you remodel. Here are some items you may want to look at which will give your small kitchen a deeply customized look and have all your guests drooling.


The great thing about a faucet is that no matter that kind you chose, it would take up basically the same amount of space. So even the smallest of kitchens can use the same beautiful faucets as large kitchens. There are so many different styles to choose from industrial/restaurant chic to downhome farmhouse. You can have a single handle, 2 handles or go handleless. The finish can give your faucet a total custom look, such as an oiled rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.


Even the tiniest kitchen space needs a floor, and the color of the floor will be a small detail that can make a huge difference. If you choose colorful tiles, you’ll want them to be durable, comfortable to work on and easy to clean.

Wood floors are making their way into the kitchen. Engineered wood is handy where water can be an issue. No matter what you’ll need to clean up spills quickly on a wood kitchen floor.

Counter Top

There are few places in kitchen where a single item can make such a massive difference as the counter top can. With a lighter finish, your kitchen feels larger and more inviting.

The backsplash is another detail where tile makes a huge difference. You can go with translucent tiles, opaque ones and all manner of different colors. You can even use a larger tile, perhaps even a single piece. Use tiny tiles in a small kitchen. They accent the overall size of the kitchen space, making it feel larger than it is. Mirror backsplashes are very popular now. The mirror will make your room look larger.

Space Saving Storage

Space is at a premium if your kitchen isn’t too large. Luckily, you can take advantage of all kinds of space saving strategies. Some of these include lazy susans, drawers all over the place and hanging storage. Hanging your pots over a center island or on a wall can save a whole cupboard of space and show off your nice cooking ware.

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