Remodeled for energy efficiency: Bright kitchen with stainless steel energy efficient appliances.

High-Performance Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

Remodeling for energy efficiency. While homeowners consider various home upgrades and remodels to add space and functionality, they also may want to consider improving energy efficiency in their home. For most homeowners, the idea of sustainability and eco-friendliness is very appealing. Additionally, these upgrades can help reduce energy bills and increase the home’s value. This thereby leads to a practical, and economical outcome.

Over time, reductions in the operating costs of your home will offset the initial cost. As an additional bonus, many government agencies and power providers offer substantial rebates and incentives to encourage homeowners to reduce their overall energy consumption.

So the question is, what remodeling options or additions are available to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency? 

Incorporating Energy Efficiency into Your Remodel Plan

First, no significant remodel today should occur without incorporating an energy efficiency upgrade. The first step is ensuring you have adequate wall and ceiling insulation. If you have already done this, it’s a great time to locate and eliminate other energy leaks in your home.

An expert design build professional can help you understand how to increase energy efficiency when remodeling any room.

Strategies for Improving Your Home’s Efficiency During a Major Remodel

Your design build professional will identify where energy is being wasted in your home. This helps to identify areas you can improve and they will offer energy-efficient technology suggestions for your upcoming remodel. 

When your remodel project begins, your highly skilled design build company will use predetermined strategies to improve your home’s energy consumption.

Fortify Your Attic Insulation

Since heat rises, experts have long recognized that a significant amount of wasted energy disappears through the attic and roof. The problem is most notable in older homes. Therefore, when initially renovating you should increase the R-Value of the ceiling and attic insulation to improve energy efficiency.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

Windows and entry doors also allow energy to leak out and escape. The latest energy-efficient seals will help eliminate the leaks and drafts that cause discomfort. By upgrading your door and windows seals, you can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning bills. 

In older homes with single pane windows, replacing them with beautiful and energy-efficient double-pane windows can make your home much more comfortable. These improvements will pay for themselves in energy savings over time.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Another significant loss of energy is through old HVAC systems. The latest innovations are designed for greater efficiency while providing an easy way to monitor and maintain your home environment. 

Controlling your thermostat from a remote location or programming to activate the heat or AC as you return home can save a tremendous amount of energy versus heating or cooling an empty house.

Hot water tanks can be a significant drain on power. During a remodeling project, installing a tankless water heater can create significant energy-savings. By only heating water instantly “as needed,” your energy savings can be significant. 

Installing solar-power is a great eco-friendly option if you have the budget. Homeowners should keep in mind that many local governments and energy companies also offer substantial rebates and credits if you install solar power. These rebates and credits are always worth looking into.

Upgrade Your Home by Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

Master’s Design Build Group is an award-winning home renovation company located in Hatfield, PA that serves clients throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties and surrounding areas. The Master’s experts will help you identify those potential energy-wasting features of your home while collaborating with you to reimagine your redesigned and upgraded home. There is no better time to boost your home’s energy efficiency than while you are expanding and improving your living space. 

Energy-saving is always part of Master’s Design Build’s strategic process. Your space renovations, and enhanced home energy-efficiency, will increase the overall value of your home.

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