In-Law Suite Addition entrance and dining area.

In-Law Suite Addition Must-Haves

At some point in many of our lives, we confront the challenge of adapting our home to accommodate aging parents. Or perhaps even adult children or others. How far we go with those alterations might depend on the current home configuration, age, and physical condition of the new residents. Other considerations may also include the expected stay duration and the reasons for combining households.

Respecting the privacy of the new residents and the existing ones is a crucial consideration. To achieve that goal, the modification usually requires an entirely independent in-law suite addition. A design build expert can help you to create a plan that offers both privacy and independence while keeping the new residents on site.

What is an In-Law Suite?

A typical in-law suite is a small, self-sufficient home that may be custom-built in a basement, above a garage, added as an extension of the principal dwelling, or a free-standing structure built on the premises.

The aim particularly with aging parents is to keep those loved nearby while ensuring their comfort and care. It can also help to eliminate outside caretaking costs. The in-law accommodation should accommodate independent living with privacy to minimize disruption in the main part of the home.

What Are Some Important Elements of an In-Law Suite Addition?

To maintain privacy for all the residents and allow the new tenants to enjoy a true sense of independence, the new living area should include all the usual conveniences. While there should be easy access between the in-law accommodation and the central part of the home, the new section should have its own:

  • Separate entrance, if possible.
  • Bathroom and shower/bath facilities
  • Kitchen or kitchenette with a refrigerator, stove, food pantry
  • Living room or den
  • Bedroom 
  • Laundry with washer and dryer
  • Emergency buttons for help, and medical needs
  • Phone line

Some additional design features that can be important for elderly residents are:

  • Plenty of windows and natural light with easy-to-control window coverings
  • Calming, soft neutral colors that promote serenity 
  • Connectivity for internet and TV
  • Separate outdoor living area or garden

A good idea is to set the unit up with separate utilities. Then if you need to later on, you can rent the space out.

Creating the Best Design

With assistance from a professional design build expert, you can create a functional in-law suite that fulfills everyone’s needs now and in the future. The design build experts can envision the most practical, economical solution to converting existing space into an in-law suite. 

The design specialist can help you envision designs that are perfect for current needs while considering the changing requirements for the safety of those aging residents. Purpose-designed bathrooms, kitchens, and even unique senior living furniture can accommodate the elderly as they continue to age.

Contact Master’s Design Build Group

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The Master’s design and build team has created several in-law suites in the past and while in the design phase, can help you envision the best solutions for now and in the future.

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