Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal

Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal

A house that looks appealing from the curb is usually sold quicker that a plain house. Small touches that bring big payoffs in boosting curb appeal don’t need to bust your budget or take over your weekends.

High Drama

Look at your house as if for the first time—what features would you fall in love with if you saw them with fresh eyes?

To cultivate curb appeal, consider a few key areas:

  1. Front door
  2. Walkway illumination
  3. Driveway
  4. Landscaping
  5. Living room window

You may not be able to afford a complete face-lift for your front facade, but by focusing time and finances on these five areas, you can transform the arrival experience for guests and likely buyers.

Front Door

Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal

A boldly colored front door —cherry red, slate blue, or vibrant green lacquer can show your personality, beckoning visitors’ eyes while delighting potential home buyers.

A new front door can also increase home security and lower energy costs by being better insulated than your current door.

You may not opt to replace your door, but simply repaint. Consider adding decorative trim to an existing plain door, and definitely replace all hardware with beautiful brass fixtures.

Walkway Illumination

Dial up the curb appeal by making your home dazzling at dusk. Fresh, crisp walkway lighting can banish shadows and prevent falls. You increase overall home security with more lighting and set a welcoming mood with solar-powered, LED stake lights.

These walkway lights can be staggered, so they don’t appear to be guarding the path—this offset has a way of inviting visitors while a matched pairing can seem stiff and a little too formal.

Remember to replace porch lights, with updated fixtures, and consider motion-activated lights to provide light while conserving energy.


Have your street address painted on the curb to improve security and help visitors and potential buyers find you.

Reseal your driveway. A fresh, clean, dark surface is very appealing and lets potential buyers know you maintain your home.

Other touches to make your driveway more appealing:

  • Adding borders using pavers or Belgian block
  • Planting low decorative bushes or grasses along the sides

Need some design inspiration?  Check out these ideas for beautiful driveway landscaping from


Your entrance way can come alive with potted plants by the front door, hanging plants on your front porch, or climbing plants up a drab front wall.

A lovely and simple landscaping trick is to have shorter plants along the walkway closer to the street, building in height as you get to the front door. This makes for a welcoming, dramatic entrance.

Living Room Window

Replace one or more small living room windows—or a drab, flat picture window—with a beautiful bow or bay window.

A bow window follows a curve outward, usually with four or more small windows. A bay window has distinct angles, with a large central window or windows and two side windows. Both styles break up the flatness of a front wall, increasing your view of outdoors.

A bay window can create a wonderful window seat in your living room, providing a pleasurable conversation spot or just a perch for a family pet.

We know your home is special to you. Please contact Master’s Design Build Group to allow us the opportunity to show you how we can boost your home’s curb appeal.

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