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What Professional Home Renovation Experts Bring to the Table

A job worth doing is worth doing well. That’s why when planning a home renovation, bring in a professional. Oh, sure, just about anyone can fix a minor hole in the wall, and maybe even fix a leaky faucet. But to redo a whole wall, build a new door frame or install a sink takes knowledge and experience.

The problem is, some weekend warriors believe they can do that, and more. So when all is said and done, the cost of the home renovation has skyrocketed; no permits were pulled, the wrong materials have been purchased. The renovation is amateurishly completed so the work must also be ripped out and started all over before the house can be sold. Creating a bigger and more complicated job than originally intended.

Most amateurs don’t understand the intricacies of insulating an exterior wall, adding a special feature for the physically challenged, or know which brands are more durable and, therefore, a better choice.

A Professional Home Renovation Will Increase Your Home Value

Often, the point of a home renovation is to increase the value of a home, in order to sell it. If this is the case, the renovation must be done within code and be professional looking.

Working with drywall, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical – these are skilled trades. They also take practice, which comes from years of work and effort.

In order for a home renovation to be worth the money spent, the end result should be professional, functional and visually pleasing.

A Professional Home Renovation Expert Will Offer Options

When beginning a home renovation project, you’ll want to explore possible design options. Sadly, some folks just don’t see how the whole room will look until it’s finished. Then it’s too late to change their mistake when the new idea clashes or looks garish in relation to the rest of the house. A home renovation professional will bring you practical and realistic designs. They will be able to visualize your wants and needs and blend them with your current décor so that your home is a delight to live in.

Knowing what works well for function, color and design is the difference between a failed project and a successful home renovation.

A Professional Home Renovation Will Save Money In The Long Run

Okay, let’s face it, hiring a home renovation professional costs more in the beginning. But measuring the cost against your time. What is your time worth against the inconvenience of having a kitchen or bathroom torn apart and unusable while you’re doing the renovations yourself on a part-time schedule? A professional renovator will get your project done quickly. Not only is the end result attractive, it’s functional and may cost less overall because permits were pulled and it was built correctly the first time.

Let’s choose something simple – the fan on the hood of the kitchen stove or in the bathroom. Do you know that these are usually tied to vents leading outside? So replacing one of them requires knowledge beyond just screwing in some screws and plugging in the hood.

A professional home renovation specialist knows the tools needed, how to use them and finishes a project quickly, with consistent results and a minimum effort of the homeowner.

If you are focused on sustainable home living on a budget, we can also guide you in sustainable solutions as well.  Contact us today!

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