Bright white laundry room remodel.

Considerations for a Laundry Remodel

Is it time for a laundry remodel? When asked about their laundry room, homeowners typically offer one of three opinions. First, some may say their laundry looks fine, but the room doesn’t work well, with too little counter space and insufficient space to hang up clothes. Or the machines might be several years past their useful life.

A second group might say their laundry room functions well, but it looks dingy and is poorly lit with marked-up walls and floors. 

Finally, some say that their laundry room looks horrible and adds to rather than reduces their workload.

Solving the Problem

Time for a laundry remodel. Most homeowners know that their existing laundry room needs a serious upgrade to improve its appearance while enhancing its functionality. But they simply do not know how to proceed. Unfortunately, imagining a design or additional space to accommodate a larger, well-designed laundry room is not usually intuitive. 

However, having a consultation with a proven design build professional can uncover many possibilities. This can include revamping the existing space. Another option is repurposing another area of the home, or even adding new space to the existing home. Design build experts have significant experience in solving these challenges while keeping costs in line.

Considerations When Upgrading a Laundry Room

When designing a new home, architects and homeowners sometimes overlook the importance of the ergonomics of the laundry room. As a result, these rooms tend to get crammed into a closet-type space, almost as an afterthought. They usually look adequate “on paper” while the designers turn their focus to bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Only after the construction is complete will these homeowners realize the space is inadequate for a growing family’s needs. Or it simply lacks the space to perform its functions efficiently.

Expanding the Space

A design build professional can examine your existing floorplan and possibly find a way to add square footage to the laundry room by taking some room away from an adjoining area. Depending on the location of the room in question, this extra laundry room space may also take on other functions. For example, functioning as a mudroom or a place to bathe the family dog. It can also offer additional storage and cabinetry for your needs.

“Bumping out” to create extra space with an additional entryway for the new laundry is also a possible solution that won’t take away from existing rooms. 

Relocating the Laundry Room 

For safety and convenience, the best location for a laundry room is one that minimizes the distance you need to carry items. Including both when dirty and after they are washed. 

With professional insight, spaces can be reimagined. For instance, to move and expand the laundry room to be in a more significant area, closer to the bedrooms where most laundry originates. 

Furthermore, the new room can be larger to accommodate more work and preparation space, additional storage, and, ideally, segregated from the eyes of visiting guests. 

Improving the Appearance and Layout

Laundry rooms can be beautiful with sparkling appliances and color-coordinated floors and walls. For the space’s long-term beauty and durability, water-resistant materials are essential. Ceramic tile works beautifully, particularly around the floor drain that you will likely require.

Also, homeowners may consider stacking the washer and dryer to optimize the square footage for a more functional space. 

Brainstorm with a Professional Design Build Expert

An experienced design build professional helps homeowners envision possibilities they never imagined. Creating a beautiful, highly functional laundry room demands a remodel plan that envisions the homeowners’ current and future needs and their vision for what the result should encompass.

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