Beautiful bathroom remodel with tan tile and dark pebble features.

Key Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to remodeling, bathrooms are one of the most common projects, according to Realtor Magazine®. This fact is understandable since it is one of the most used rooms of the house. It also contains elements that are likely to wear out and become out-of-date faster. 

For bathrooms, homeowners may want a more modern look or possibly a comfortable “sanctuary” that offers privacy and a sense of elegance. How to proceed with a bathroom remodel requires considerable thought. An experienced design build expert can bring critical insight and focus to your visualization.

The direction a bathroom remodeling project will take can often depend on how the room is typically used. In some homes, for example, a downstairs half-bath may be used for short intervals, sometimes by visitors, and may need only new fixtures, paint, and flooring. Whereas, a master bath adjacent to the main bedroom is more likely to be a private area equipped with all the amenities a full bathroom might offer. This may include a bath and shower, ample counter space, a private toilet area, and more. 

Formulating Your Bathroom Remodel Dream

You realize that your tired, perhaps decades-old bathrooms are in serious need of upgrades. This could be from visiting stores, poring over countless home decorating magazines, or watching home improvement shows. 

Now that you want to remodel, you must decide how to proceed. First, determine precisely what you want. This is your opportunity to consider extra storage, eliminate troublesome grouting, update fixtures to use less water, provide controllable lighting in necessary places, and other features that you have been missing.

Each bathroom in a home has different uses and people use them for differing lengths of time. In addition to toilet use, family bathrooms tend to be more basic rooms where individuals may shower and wash, brush their teeth, comb their hair, and move on quickly.

In another instance, a spa-like master bathroom can offer a complete escape. This is where a person might soak in a spacious bathtub while relaxing with dimmed lights or candles, beautiful wall coverings and floors, and modern, sleek fixtures.

Although your master bathroom may be your central remodel focus, don’t forget about the other bathrooms. The other bathrooms can undergo an upgrade to reflect a similar style as your main bathroom. In fact, the guest bathroom should reflect the same tasteful style that your new master bath and the rest of the home display.

Look for Professional Input

Your design build professional should have extensive experience converting older bathrooms into stunning, high-functioning spaces. The designer will likely offer ideas you may not have considered based on their prior experience.

During your onsite interview with the design build professional, you can convey what you envision. The designer will ask questions, sometimes slightly personal, to help arrive at logical solutions for the remodel.

In some instances, the design build expert may even propose a plan to expand the master bathroom. This could happen by connecting to adjacent spaces like a vacant bedroom or closet. 

At this point, you also need to discuss your budget. Design build experts understand total costs more accurately than single-function designers. This is because their company completes all steps from beginning to end, including the design, component sourcing, construction, and installation. 

A design build professional can provide an accurate, accountable project budget and a timeline for your approval.

Master’s Design Build: Bathroom Remodel Experts

Headquartered in Hatfield, PA, the Master’s Design Build Team has been performing high-quality remodel “miracles” for homeowners throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties in Eastern Pennsylvania for over a decade. 

You can view several of their many bathroom remodel solutions and more by visiting the Master’s Design Build Gallery of beautifully finished past projects.

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