Considerations when Planning your Man Cave

Whether you dream of building a casual setting perfect for watching sports and relaxing or a more refined bookshelf-lined, brandy-sipping space, a man cave is a popular addition to many homes. Let’s dive into the top ideas for planning your man cave to help you achieve the perfect space.

Perhaps you wish to modify an existing area in your basement, or a room has become available as your nest empties. Alternatively, a well-designed add-on room or unattached structure could be the perfect option for creating that personal space. 

Decide the Location for your Man Cave

Perhaps converting a bedroom, basement, or part of a garage will work. However, man caves are not always part of your existing space. A new purpose-built, self-sufficient structure could also provide all of the elements of your dream man cave along with greater privacy and less exterior sounds. 

Decide whether you are going to be building on or remodeling an existing area of your home. This is an important first step to creating your dream space. Don’t simply accept that it must be in the basement! Think outside the box and be creative.

Define Your Vision for your Man Cave

Before starting, you should also decide what you want your finished man cave to look like. The theme will play into the design of the man cave. For example, will the room be a private escape or an entertainment venue to invite friends to for fun and games? 

For movie projection, your contractor can include a big screen overhead projection system. Additionally, think about adding surround sound to deliver a theater-style ambiance. If games like pool, ping pong or darts are desired, your designer can include plenty of space to accommodate these options. A fully functioning wet bar is always an important design consideration for any man cave that your designer can add. Defining the targeted purpose, theme, and space is the primary consideration for constructing the right room.

Relaxing, reading, watching a movie or television, or listening to music. If the room is intended strictly for privacy a smaller space can suffice.

 Technology and Comfort

A high level of technology is usually a must to qualify as a “real” man cave. A part of the construction can be to include: surround sound, a big screen TV, and an overhead projector. All controllable from a master control point. These are often great additions to a man cave.

Be aware that adding various electronic features may require upgrading your electrical system during the remodel. Wiring and installing adaptable lighting is another thing to consider to set the mood in your space. Be sure to discuss this with your designer. 

Add a Bathroom

No one wants to leave once they are comfortable in the friendly confines of your man cave to answer the call of nature in another part of your home, especially if there is not a bathroom nearby. Space permitting, seriously consider incorporating a half-bath to your space to increase the usability of the area.

Now that you have covered these four important considerations when planning your man cave you are ready to contact a design-build company to put your dream into a reality!

Contact a Design-Build Company

Whichever option works best for you, work with an experienced professional designer who can help you turn your dream into reality. Whether the man cave will be a remodel of existing space, an add-on to your home, or a stand-alone structure, an experienced design-build company can identify opportunities that you may not have anticipated and created a quality design that matches your vision.

A professional design-build company understands the finished cost-to-build best and will create and build a design that maximizes your budget limits.

Master’s Design Build

Located in Hatfield PA and serving nearby counties in Eastern Pennsylvania, Master’s Design Build has performed superb remodels and additions for over a decade. You may see some of their beautiful conversions by visiting the Projects webpage of their website.

The process begins with a no-obligation consultation to explore your vision and discuss the possibilities. Once a design has been finalized, the Master’s construction team will take over. The transition from plan to reality is seamless, and communication will be continuous from start to finish.

To learn more, contact the Design Build experts at Master’s by calling +1-215-723-6162.