Creating your Dream Master Suite

An elegantly designed dream master suite is your ideal retreat from the exterior bedlam and bustle of the world – a place you can relax, bathe, dress, and rest. Comfort, privacy, and functionality should be the main design characteristics of your private in-home getaway.

Certain elements make up the master bedroom design, such as a spacious bedroom, bathroom, ample closet space, and perhaps an additional sitting or dressing area. Lighting should be placed strategically to create preferred ambiance and to allow for reading and other close-up work. 

Begin with the Design

When homeowners dream of a luxury master suite in their home, they are often stumped by the limitations of their existing floor plan. When the current bedroom is already limited in size, envisioning additional space with an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet may seem impossible. 

With the help of an experienced design-build professional, you may find that you have more options than you could have imagined.

Some of the options to consider are:

  • Removing walls and expanding into an adjacent room or space.
  • Incorporating an adjacent bathroom and closing off access from the rest of the home.
  • Remodeling another bedroom that has more expandability options.
  • Creating the master suite by adding new space onto the home.

An experienced designer can envision structural possibilities while incorporating your ideas and dreams into the plan. 

Searching for Ideas

As you begin pursuing your dream master bedroom, you will likely have a wish list of features you would like to include. You can peruse architectural magazines. In addition visit, new build open houses, browse Pinterest or take note from the master suites of friends or relatives. By doing research, you’ll find what you truly want in your master suite. As well, you may discover new ideas that you have not considered before. 


The key to any master suite design is to balance the space properly. Most would agree that a huge, luxury bathroom and a tiny bedroom is not a great idea. Since the bedroom should contain far more than just a bed. You will need to incorporate ample closet space, room for dressers, nightstands, and other furniture. Space and budget permitting, you may even wish to include a fireplace and sitting area, as well. 

Master Bath

The part of the master suite that seems to inspire the most creativity is often the bathroom. Stone veneers, tile, paint, glass, or designer wallpaper can create a relaxing atmosphere that you are seeking. Whether you wish to replicate a Roman bath, an elegant powder room, or a modern spa, the bathroom should have ample room for bath and shower, toilet, sinks and counter space, plus storage options.

Closet Space

Walk-in closets are a fundamental part of most master suites. These are usually accessible directly from the bathroom or bedroom area. They have plenty of space and storage with ample lighting. Space permitting, you may consider building “His” and “Her” closets.


Natural lighting from skylights or windows is very important in a master suite. If your home has a private view of trees, a flower garden, or water, orienting the room and windows to optimize the scenery is a great idea.

It is important to have well placed permanent lighting; you can always add additional lamps for reading or detail work. At nighttime, indirect adjustable lighting is great for setting the mood.

Working with a Professional Design-Build Company 

A master suite redesign can be a dream come true for homeowners. You may already love your home, but perhaps something feels like it’s missing. If that’s the case, a master suite may be exactly what you need. 

By consulting with a proven design-build company like Master’s Design Build in Hatfield PA, serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties, you will realize that your “impossible dream” can be a reality.

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Call for your initial consultation. And allow the Master’s designer to brainstorm realistic ideas. Hence transforming your standard bedroom into an exciting and beautiful master suite. Thus adding style and luxury to your home.

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