Easy to Care for Elegant Floors

Eventually, old floors in your home can show their age. Trying to renew them may not be worth the effort and expense. You begin to consider the alternatives, hoping to liven up your space with new elegant floors. The decision can be a tough one. Considering that many alternatives are expensive and some flooring materials are difficult to maintain.

You are looking for an elegant alternative, one that makes you proud to have and to show visitors. However, sometimes the most beautiful floor materials are also the most tedious to maintain. No doubt you prefer not to spend most of your waking hours tending to your beautiful new floors.

Is there beautiful, tough flooring that requires minimal maintenance without costing a fortune for your home?

Initial Considerations for Elegant Floors

Before starting on your quest, think about the look or style you are hoping to achieve, the amount of abuse you and your family are likely to inflict, colors, and whether you desire a “wood” look, ceramics, laminates, vinyl, or tiles. You have plenty of options to create that elegant appearance with easy-to-care flooring materials.

Innovations in Flooring Materials

If the look of fine wood happens to be your preference, hardwood flooring is always beautiful, though higher cost, option.  Yet today, other elegan floor products deliver a similar richness in appearance at a lower cost with less maintenance required.

Modern home flooring choices:

  • Natural Hardwood: While pricier than other options, hardwood today can be finished and sealed to withstand wear far better than in the past. If you prefer the rustic or highly polished look of real wood, going natural may be your answer. Make sure the brand you choose is reputable.
  • Wood-Look Tiles: The latest development is wood-look tiles, a sturdy durable tile. This option looks great and withstands water without damage, making it great for kitchens and bathrooms. Maintenance requirements are far lower than with real wood.
  • Luxury Vinyl: Improvements in vinyl flooring offer homeowners a beautiful, less expensive option for flooring. The material is fabricated to take on the color and textures of many types of hardwood, stone, or tile. Vinyl needs very little maintenance and holds up well if not exposed extensive abuse.
  • Ceramic Tile: Ideal for most rooms in the home, ceramic tile demands the lowest maintenance. Also blends well with other design features in the home. Entryways, halls, kitchens, and baths with ceramic tile require very little maintenance. The grouting can be easily cleaned with household products.
  • Laminate: Produced to replicate the look of many kinds of hardwood flooring, laminate planking only requires a dry mopping and light cleansers to keep looking bright.
  • Soft Wood Foam Tiles: These attractive tiles are inexpensive and, as the name suggests, softer than hardwood flooring. These look great and each tile can be replaced if damaged. The surface is great for exercise and for homes with small children.

Master’s Design Build Group

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