Five Kitchen Renovation Tips

Five Kitchen Renovation Tips (1)

Kitchens are nurturing spaces for the body and soul, and even the smallest improvements in your cooking and gathering space can have a profound impact on your lifestyle. Whether it is rebuilding the island, purchasing new kitchen appliances or simply adding fresh cabinet knobs, renovating your kitchen will give you peace of mind, and add value to your home.

While kitchen renovations can be a great way to offer comfort, efficiency, functionality, and beauty to your cooking and gathering space, they can also be expensive, time-consuming and often very demanding. Knowing where to begin and adopting a thoughtful plan of action can make the entire renovating process enjoyable. Here are some tips that will help you achieve a stress-free kitchen renovation.

Keep It Simple

When remodeling your kitchen, keep the overall scheme simple. Additional design accents such as pediments above the kitchen stoves and plaster moldings on the front of cabinets are decorative excesses.

Don’t strain your budget with extra accessories and voluminous storage solutions. Try to stick with standard size drawers and vintage or plain style cabinets. Also, remember that your style must also complement that of the entire home. Simple designs are appealing and always leave decorating accents.

Coloring and Lighting

Since our kitchens are multi-functional, a good lighting and color scheme is essential. Kitchen lights should be both functional and decorative. In terms of function, kitchen light should be well angled and diffused on working surfaces to prevent accidents. Recessed lights are an excellent choice.

When it comes to color, consider neutral beiges, whites, or browns. For instance, antique white cabinets with walnut gaze can match up with any countertop color to give an inviting look.

Consider a Kitchen Layout That Meets Your Needs

When deciding on a kitchen remodel it is vital to have a detailed wish list of what you would like your kitchen to look like. Is it more space, large pantry or is it the style. Consider a kitchen layout that allows accessibility when working and one that prevents cluttering.

Plan ahead and make your kitchen space more convenient and functional. A good interior designer will be capable of helping you with the layout designs and provide you with the right solutions and services.

Use Quality Materials

The quality of the materials will determine how long your kitchen lasts. High-quality hinges, drawer slides, counter tops, and cabinets are a major part of a successful renovation process. For example, purchasing high-quality drawer slides and hinges would ensure that your cabinet doors won’t slam shut and swing open or that your drawers won’t get stuck when opening.

If possible, avoid drawers finished with stapled materials or particleboards. Instead, consider cabinet interiors made from wood veneer. Although some fixtures may be budget busters, countertops made from granite, ceramic, marble, and soapstone have superb moisture, scratch, and heat resistance.

Think About Maintenance

When selecting your kitchen’s fixtures, consider how much time you might have to spend keeping them clean and stain free. When it comes to countertops, marble, terra cotta and granite can camouflage stains and dirt. Conversely, light and smooth surfaces such as laminate and ceramic are easy to clean and often show little crumb.

As for cabinets, consider refacing your current cabinets with paint or stain cabinets. Although stained wood looks excellent, most finishes can date rather quickly, and they are not easily alterable. To enhance a more personalized, you can opt for brush-painted cabinets.

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