Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage

Having enough kitchen storage is a dream for many homeowners. The dream can become a reality with a knowledgeable kitchen renovation contractor.

Start With The Pantry

Make the most of your kitchen storage

A walk in pantry is wonderful, but make sure the entire pantry is being utilized. Add pull out racks for cans, even double stacking racks if the space between shelves is ten inches or more. In fact, the pulling out racks can be extremely efficient in storing food boxes, chips, crackers, drinks and cooking staples. Should the pantry have a wall without shelving, use that space to add spice racks.

A cabinet style pantry can provide just as much storage as a walk in pantry. A contractor can easily install pull out drawers, bins or baskets that utilize the deepest back corners of the pantry cabinet. The pull out rack feature allows the homeowner to see everything within an entire section or shelf of the pantry.

Every Cabinet Needs a Clear Purpose

Make the most of your kitchen storage 2

Check out the extra space in the dishes and glassware cabinets. Reconfigure tall cabinets to add extra shelves, and separate the types of dishes to make retrieving dishes easier. The space above glasses and mugs can have stemware racks or mug hooks installed to accommodate more within one cabinet.

It’s Somewhere In The Drawer

Make the most of your kitchen storage 3

The kitchen drawers are the least organized spaces in a kitchen. Organize each drawer for a specific use. The cutlery drawer should have dividers to separate the spoons, forks, knives and so on. Built in dividers always work best as they don’t move around. The same storage concept works well for storing large knives, various cutting tools and the kitchen “junk” drawer. Give those pens, scissors, twist ties, tape and sticky notes a designated spot.

Deep kitchen drawers are a bonus especially when dividers are installed to section off storage for lids and small baking dishes. The wide and deep kitchen drawers, often installed under counter cook surfaces, are amazing storage spaces for skillets, pots, and pans. Dividers along one side of these allows for lid storage as well.

Drawers are the perfect solution for storing mixers, blenders, and other kitchen appliances. Contractors can easily work an appliance drawer into the kitchen renovation plan. Remodeling a kitchen is the perfect time to reconfigure some of the cabinet spaces with pull out drawers for storage.

Spice It Up

Spices tend to get stuffed into drawers or lost in the back of cabinets. There are several ways to organize the spices for storage.

Narrow cabinets with pull out drawers to fit spice containers are an efficient storage option. Flat drawers, such as a cutlery size drawer, can easily be transformed into a spice drawer – dividers within this drawer help to keep all the spices in designated spots.

Some cooks prefer to have the spices upfront and center while cooking. Add a shelf across the back splash over the stove cook top, so the spices are lined up and accessible. For a more contemporary look, a stainless steel backsplash can provide a visible and accessible space for spices. The spices can be transferred into labeled stainless steel containers with a magnetic bottom to adhere to the stainless steel surface.

Use Every Possible Space for Storage

Make the most of your kitchen storage 4

Under the sink is a perfect place for storing cleaning supplies. Install a narrow pull out drawer to efficiently store the dish soap and cleaners. On the side of the cupboard, install racks to dispense various sizes of trash bags.

Planning and organization are the keys to being able to have the ultimate storage in a kitchen.