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Home Remodeling Projects That Add Value To Your Home

Home Remodeling Projects That Add Value To Your Home


When homeowners renovate their houses, they want to make that it’s more comfortable and that it adds value to their property. While renovations can be costly, if you increase the value of your home you’ll recover a good portion of your investment if you decide to sell.
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Things To Consider Before You Start Your Kitchen Remodel

Things To Consider Before You Start Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your home can be quite stressful and if you don’t plan you could cause yourself lots of unnecessary stress.

There are lots of things to think about before you remodel. Remember that when you talk with your contractor, they will be able to talk through this planning process with you.
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Trendy Countertop Finishes

More often than not, the kitchen ends up being where a family spends a good deal of their waking time. Barring Great Aunt Ginny’s trip over the dog into the Christmas tree, the kitchen will be a major focal point during gatherings as well.

The kitchen should be visually appealing, durable, and functional. While each piece plays an integral role in these roles, choices in countertop finish shout volumes when it comes to style and usability.
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Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage

Having enough kitchen storage is a dream for many homeowners. The dream can become a reality with a knowledgeable kitchen renovation contractor.

Start With The Pantry

Make the most of your kitchen storage

A walk in pantry is wonderful, but make sure the entire pantry is being utilized. Add pull out racks for cans, even double stacking racks if the space between shelves is ten inches or more. In fact, the pulling out racks can be extremely efficient in storing food boxes, chips, crackers, drinks and cooking staples. Should the pantry have a wall without shelving, use that space to add spice racks.
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Ideas for Stunning Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for Stunning Kitchen Cabinets

It’s a big decision to remodel your kitchen. You’ll need to drop some money into your house with a promise to see a higher selling price when, down the line, you decide to sell your home.

It will also take emotional resources; putting up with not having a kitchen for cooking and all the remodel mess. Kitchen remodels can range from $18,500 on the low end to $50,000 to 60,000 for a major kitchen remodel.

The only real limit is your wallet. While that maybe a lot of money to spend on one room, most times owners see a rise in the value of their home after the remodel is complete.

kitchen cabinets

What will you be doing in your kitchen? Do you like to cook? Will you be entertaining? Do you have large dinner parties or small family gatherings? All these questions will influence the layout of the kitchen.

For example, if someone likes to cook a lot, the fridge, sink, and range will be close together to make preparing meals easy. If the homeowners like to entertain, the kitchen may be more spacious and luxurious.

The point is for the homeowners and designer to come up with a layout that works for the household. One major piece of your kitchen is your cabinets. They’re on most of the walls and lend a lot of character to your kitchen decor.

kitchen cabinets

A Game of Space

One of the most prominent deciding factors of the layout is the amount of space there is to work within the kitchen. A small kitchen means that the cabinets will have to function in a way that maximizes space.

Open shelving and glass doors makes a small kitchen feel open and airy.  Adding a lazy susan to corner cabinets can give access to areas that were previously black holes.


Island or No Island

If the kitchen has an open floor plan a kitchen island can offer storage space, a place to sit and looks stylish. In a large kitchen floor plan often, the island will create a galley like feel adding a sink or range top to the bar.

Most islands include some type of eating area. Small kitchens may not fit a traditional island, but having a connected bar area offers some of the same benefits.


Custom Ideas

Homeowners can add some custom cabinet elements to their kitchen. Appliances can be hidden from view with cabinet fronts. Microwaves can be built into the cabinets. Other ideas include furniture feet and industrial accents.


Material Things

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet are gaining popularity in industrial style kitchens. Other options include enamel covered colored cabinets and cabinets created with antique furniture.

Remember that you’ll need to clean those cabinets frequently so choose a style and finish that cleans easily.

You should love your new kitchen. With all the options available, you should be able to create the kitchen of your dreams within your budget. The kitchen is the most important area of your home, and it should be treated that way with quality cabinets and a winning design.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen. We’d love to talk with you about all the styles of kitchen cabinets available.

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The Energy Efficient Kitchen1

The Energy Efficient Kitchen

As more people embrace a greener lifestyle, renovations are moving towards making homes more energy efficient. When deciding whether to upgrade a home, the homeowner needs to consider if their investment will add value to their home, the value may come from an increase in resale value or reduced energy costs.
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Kitchen Flooring Ideas1

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Choosing the right floor for your kitchen is an important design choice, as it will dramatically affect the look and feel of your kitchen. The material you choose for your kitchen floor has to be durable and resilient, and easy to clean as well.

There are plenty of materials to choose from, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. With a bit of forethought you can find the perfect floor to suit your kitchen needs.
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Sustainable and Green Building Practices for Kitchen Remodels1

Sustainable and Green Building Practices for Kitchen Remodels

A kitchen can use a lot of energy and resources. If you’re concerned about sustainability and want to make your home greener here are a few remodeling ideas can help.

Sustainable Cabinets and Furniture

Cabinets and kitchen furniture contribute a lot to the appearance of the kitchen, but these pieces aren’t always green. Kitchen remodels can be accomplished easily through the selection of the right furniture.
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Tips for Hiring a Reliable Contractor in Hatfield, PA

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Contractor in Hatfield, PA

A successful remodeling project begins with choosing the reliable contractor. The right contractor will understand exactly what is expected, use the best materials and constructions methods and complete the job on time and at a fair price. The following checklist will be helpful in ensuring the job is put in the hands of the best contractor:

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