Sustainable and Green Building Practices for Kitchen Remodels1

Sustainable and Green Building Practices for Kitchen Remodels

A kitchen can use a lot of energy and resources. If you’re concerned about sustainability and want to make your home greener here are a few remodeling ideas can help.

Sustainable Cabinets and Furniture

Cabinets and kitchen furniture contribute a lot to the appearance of the kitchen, but these pieces aren’t always green. Kitchen remodels can be accomplished easily through the selection of the right furniture.

One of the simplest options for making a kitchen greener on a budget involves repurposing and reusing old cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can be applied, transforming the appearance of the old pieces without generating any waste. This project can easily be executed on a tight budget, as well.

Certified wood products are another environment-friendly option for the individuals looking to get new kitchen cabinets. Pieces made with a strawboard usually utilize agricultural waste, which makes them another great addition to a green kitchen.

Sustainable and Green Building Practices for Kitchen Remodels2

Sustainable Flooring

A new floor will quickly transform the kitchen. It can give it a bit of rustic charm or a modern, minimalist appearance. Here are the materials that should be preferred by homeowners interested in a green kitchen remodeling.

Cork is a beautiful, durable and easy to maintain kitchen flooring option. It looks great, and it’s made from a renewable source. Cork is made from the bark of the tree. This bark grows back, meaning that the environmental impact of cork floor production is minimal.

Ceramic tiles are another great pick. They are very tough and hypo-allergenic. These tiles are recyclable. When old tiles are thrown away, they’ll go into the manufacturing of a brand new product.

Sustainable and Green Building Practices for Kitchen Remodels3

New Counter tops

Many people like counter tops made of materials like granite or marble but there are several much more environmentally-friendly options that the market has to offer. A recycled glass counter top is going to be a great addition to any kitchen.

Many designers have started reusing materials in the creation of unique and sustainable kitchen pieces. Old glass and porcelain are utilized in the creation of beautiful, durable and memorable pieces.

Some recycled counter tops made of recycled glass, paper, and cement look like natural stone. They have the same durability and the same polished appearance. On top of being good for the planet, such materials are much more affordable than traditional marble or granite.

Kitchen Lights

A lot of electricity can be wasted in inefficient lighting. On top of being far from environmentally-friendly, such practices can also contribute to significant utility bills.

Since the kitchen is a functional room, it needs proper lighting. The strongest lights should be positioned over the working areas, creating both safety and convenience.

An environment-friendly kitchen will benefit from dimmers. These adjust the light level while saving energy at the same time. The lights in parts of the kitchen that aren’t being used currently can be dimmed, reducing the amount of electricity used for lighting by nearly 40 percent.

Better use of natural daylight, light-colored surfaces, the use of LED light bulbs and using ambient light in the kitchen are some additional suggestions for reduced electricity consumption while the interior design is maintained modern and clean.

Working with the right professionals on the execution of a kitchen remodeling project is one of the prerequisites for success and complete satisfaction. Please feel free to ask questions about green remodeling and sustainability.