Make Your Bathroom Remodel Eco-Friendly

Along with kitchens, bathrooms are the target of remodeling projects more than any other space in the home. Not only do these areas hold more “moving parts,” but, according to several sources, remodeling these areas usually provides the best financial return. When remodeling, a focus on eco-friendly materials and energy-saving fixtures and appliances can save money in the long run. This can help to substantially offset the initial expense of your remodel. Here’s how to make your bathroom remodel eco-friendly.

Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Most homebuyers are concerned by the appearance of aging bathrooms. Dated fixtures and tubs, worn countertops, chipped or damaged tiles, stained walls, and timeworn flooring can cause prospects to flee. Similarly, these same dated areas can leave friends and visitors notably unimpressed. 

Even if you are not selling, you may be dreaming of a bright, new spa-like bathroom. One with plenty of space, mood-inducing lighting, and modern fixtures. In addition, how about adding a comfortable, efficient shower, enhanced ventilation, more storage, and a modern toilet amid appealing colors and style?

By working with a proven, experienced design-build company, you can have your dream bathroom remodel. As well as enhancing your ecological footprint.

Considerations for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

By collaborating with your design build team, you can institute money-saving, environment-friendly improvements. Furthermore, you’ll be creating a luxurious new bathroom that meets all of your goals. 

Here are a few considerations for your master, or household bathroom remodel.

Let the Great Outdoors In

Natural light and fresh air can create a wonderful and appealing bathroom. If the space happens to be adjacent to an outer wall or roof section, windows and skylights will boost the appeal. Hence, these add natural light which will enhance the blend of colors in your new bathroom.

Natural light and when weather permits, fresh air are not only great for enhancing the mood but will lower your energy costs. Fresh air increases ventilation and helps to ease humidity levels that could cause mold and other problems. 

Showers Save Water and Energy

Unless a tub soak is essential for your health and happiness, you should consider focusing on the perfect shower. 

You can save thousands of gallons of heated water and derive similar therapeutic benefits by opting for a 15-minute steam shower instead of a bath. A steam shower produces a humidifying atmosphere that disperses steam and moisture, much like a steam room. These are usually housed in self-contained stalls or small spaces that prevent moisture from escaping into the rest of the bathroom. 

If your preference is for a conventional shower, water-saving aerated showerheads will lower your water consumption substantially. 

Upgrade Your Water Heating Capability

The standard multi-gallon water heater tank is becoming a dinosaur in the industry. Remodelers and new home builders are opting for more energy-efficient options. For example, heat pump water heaters, tankless heaters, condensing storage water heaters, and even solar-powered heaters. Each of these requires much less energy to meet the demands of the household. 

The more efficient tankless heaters heat water on demand, as you use it, rather than maintaining a large supply of hot water around the clock. This can not only lower your power bill but also help minimize water wastage. 

Use Sustainable Wall and Flooring Materials

Remodelers who are ecologically sensitive will only use VOC-free (volatile organic compound) paints. 

VOCs escaping into the atmosphere have been identified as a contributor to the destruction of the ozone layer. Furthermore are negatively impact the environment.

Bathroom floors are continually exposed to excessive quantities of moisture and stain-producing materials. The flooring material should be skid-proof, durable, and resistant to mold.

Therefore remodelers can choose from a variety of recycled, recyclable, or natural materials for bathroom flooring. These materials include: 

  • Terrazzo, made from reclaimed quartz, marble chips, and other materials
  • Tiles from recycled wood and other materials
  • Natural stone or marble
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Glass tiles
  • Concrete

Choose an Eco-Sensitive Design Build Company

Commitment to eco-friendly design begins with the homeowner and should be embraced by the designer and builder. While some builders resist change and embrace traditional methods and materials, today’s progressive designers adopt a more environmentally positive approach.

One award-winning company, Master’s Design Build of Hatfield, PA, helps homeowners in Eastern Pennsylvania and greater Philadelphia adopt an eco-friendly approach to their building and remodeling projects.

Working with their clients from idea creation to completion, the Master’s Design Build professionals will first create the plans and drawings. Next, acquire the permits and eco-friendly materials. And then execute the entire project with minimal interference with the daily lives of the homeowners.

For more information about Master’s Design Build, visit their website to learn their process and view some of their stunning completed projects.

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