Focus on building above code.

Why We Focus on Building Above Code

We focus on building above code. Building codes, local and national, define the construction standard requirements for safety and durability in new building projects and remodels. Since early times, governing bodies have instituted these guidelines. They explain how components of any structure should be built and reinforced to protect people from bad workmanship and materials. These rules and regulations are very serious and must be followed.

In fact, in ancient Babylon, the earliest known building code declared that a builder was subject to execution if a structure should cave in and kill the owner. While this “eye-for-an-eye” approach is no longer used, builders who cut corners today are subject to severe financial penalties. Additionally, any fines or issues seriously affect their reputation.

Although “meeting” code requirements is non-negotiable, some conscientious builders and remodelers routinely exceed those standards. This ensures the long-term integrity, quality, and value of their work. After all, “squeaky” floors often pass building code requirements.

However, it should be noted that some code violations result from the design the builder is executing. In these instances, the designer/architect may be at fault, but it is the builders’ job to recognize these shortcomings. Here at Master’s Design Build, we aim to exceed code requirements and build above code for every project. 

What Does “Building Above Code” Entail?

We choose to exceed the minimum building codes with our projects. As both designer and builder, we stay directly involved from beginning to end and will guarantee excellent quality of each project.

Although much of the extra effort for each project will likely be hidden behind walls and siding finishes, the processes and superior materials exceed code requirements. This not only helps to lengthen the structure’s life but can also enhance comfort and appearance.

Superior framing and structural support

Master’s specifies the highest quality, most durable materials for their projects. In many instances, the Master’s Team will propose to use engineered lumber instead of the standard to ensure greater strength. Superior strength lumber is essential for additional flooring support. This will prevent future sagging and creaking.

For roofing trusses and support, our team will choose the above-code materials with the highest strength-to-weight ratio to provide a lifetime of durability in any conditions.


The cladding that covers your home is not just for aesthetic purposes. Like your roofing, the outer shell must keep moisture from penetrating and minimize energy loss. Whether using stucco, wood, vinyl, masonry, or any combination of these materials the result should be the same. Reputable contractors will provide expert artistry and high-quality materials without shortcuts to finish the job correctly.

Roof Protection

A homeowner’s biggest nightmare is a leaky roof. Unfortunately, this problem typically goes unnoticed until there is substantial damage. The problem is often due to faulty installation, inferior materials, or poor design.

The proper placement and installation of quality shingles, ice shields, and all-important flashing require extensive knowledge and skill to prevent future leakage. 

Note that specially designed ventilation systems within the roof cavity are vital to preventing mold development. Our Master’s design professionals will take extra steps to ensure a trouble-free roof for your home.

Protecting the existing structure during renovation

Some remodeling projects are extensive and can impact the residents’ daily routine while in process. Whenever possible, the Master’s construction team will plan an entry route that is least disruptive and damaging to the existing environment. 

For example, for an upstairs remodel, the team may isolate the area. They do this by building temporary access or a temporary stairway to accommodate crew and materials from the outside. This enables them to complete the job without traveling through any part of the existing structure. 

Similarly, for a basement project, the Master’s Team and materials may create access through a basement window, if available, to eliminate having to enter the other parts of the home. This not only minimizes disruption to your daily life but also helps to minimize dirt and dust throughout the rest of the home.

The Design Build Advantage

Faulty design, shoddy workmanship, low-grade materials, or all three of these may still pass code requirements but can result in some expensive issues later on. 

To avoid confusion about who might be responsible for a problem, the best option is to choose a proven, top-quality design build firm like Master’s. 

Master’s Design Build serves Eastern Pennsylvania. We will take responsibility for your project from concept to finish while communicating continually and explaining every element of the process in detail.

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