Trends in Kitchen Renovations

kitchen renovations

Here are some trends in kitchen renovations that are not only popular but appreciated by consumers and manufacturers alike.

Invisible Appliances – These appliances are not necessarily invisible, but they are hidden away behind cabinetry. A microwave can be placed above the counter and by adding on a faux cabinet door it blends in perfectly and is still functional. Other appliances that can be hidden are the dishwasher and the refrigerator. These appliances can be camouflaged perfectly with faux cabinetry.

Energy Efficient Fixtures – As sustainability and energy efficiency are important to our everyday lifestyle, environmentally friendly appliances and materials are excellent to use in the kitchen remodeling process. It is important to consider kitchen fixtures that are economical with LED lights that use less power, water saving faucets, and 100% sustainable materials for cabinetry and countertops.

High Tech Appliances – High technology equipment and appliances helps save energy and space. Manufacturers continue to evolve our everyday appliances into computer driven, energy-efficient, space-saving fixtures that take the guess work out of maintenance.

Great Rooms – Large rooms, incorporating a kitchen, dining and family room is another wonderful trend; this helps small places feel larger. A great room use space efficiently while providing adequate area for each room in a home. With this kitchen remodel one can see out towards the family and dining room and feel a sense of spaciousness. It makes the kitchen feel extraordinarily large and less confined with more space to move around and cook. If the kitchen is open to the family and dining rooms, the colors must blend well together to create a cohesive “great” room.

Color Trends – Monochromatic kitchens are the newest thing, all white or all gray with a pop of color from dishes or decor. Appliances are becoming more colorful as well as cabinets, sinks, and countertops. If there are blue tiles on the backsplash and a white sink rather than the traditional stainless steel, then it will blend well with white cabinetry and blue trim. As long as the decor in the other connecting rooms matches or blends well with the blue and white.

Bold Lighting Fixtures – No more light cans in the ceiling. Now we see larger, bolder statement lighting fixtures. Kitchen lights can be beautiful as well as functional.

Kitchen remodeling can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if your kitchen remodel is done by design and build renovation professionals, it will be on-time and on-budget. Call Master’s Design-Build. We will redesign your kitchen, and make it look fantastic.