Creating a Home Office Space that Works For You

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become more commonplace. As companies and employees adapt, working from home may become a more permanent condition as productivity increases and costs go down. Workers, in many cases, are more efficient by eliminating their commute to and from the office. 

In other instances, individuals are finding ways to supplement their incomes with home-based enterprises while working from their private, well-equipped home office spaces.

While considering working from home, a well-conceived home office can offer a far better place to work than that not-so-private kitchen table or crowded nook in the living space.

Finding the Space

Whatever your needs or purposes, a comfortable, well-appointed home office will help you be more focused and provide a degree of privacy to encourage productivity. 

But where will you locate this home office?

Finding space will be your first hurdle. In some instances, perhaps you are becoming an “empty nester” as your children begin to move out of the home. In another case, maybe a barely used guest room or entertainment room may be expendable. Perhaps even a room over the garage or a basement area can be converted into an office.

Or, you may even consider adding an extension to your home or a freestanding structure behind your house. An add-on may also involve creating that spacious master bedroom or family room of your dreams while freeing up an area to construct the perfect home office.

A reputable design-build expert can help to reimagine your home. They can suggest alterations to your current floorplan to adapt what you have into a comfortable and inspiring home office space.

Considerations When Creating a Home Office Space

You are likely to spend considerable time within your home office. Therefore, consider all the elements that would make your time more productive and comfortable. Here are some factors to consider:

  • How much space will I need?

If you are going to do this, give yourself enough space. Many of us have ended up in cubicles during our careers, cramped, and frequently positioned several yards from a window under neon lighting. Create a vision of an inviting, open space with windows and room. Allow space for a sufficiently sized desk or tabletop, a place for books and documents, and plenty of room for the necessary electronics and accessories.

  • Lighting 

Proper lighting is essential to productivity. According to many studies, natural light supports productivity. Therefore, supplementing available light with an appropriate balance of “cooler” artificial lighting creates a more comfortable environment. You should also arrange your office furniture to maximize the available natural light.

  • Create Plenty of Storage Space

Whether consciously or subconsciously, clutter is non-productive. Most people find that having extra space to store and file documents, correspondence, and other essential papers makes work less stressful. Additionally it helps eliminate the time wasted on searching for documents.

  • Choose the Right Colors

Select a room color that creates the desired mood. Some colors, like bright yellow, tend to increase eye strain. While drab colors like grays, beige, and white can seem too dull or clinical. Select a favorite color and shade to make the room feel more personal. Assuring the color isn’t distractingly bright or mind-numbingly dull.

Locate a Professional Design Build Company for Your Home Office

For more than a decade, award-winning Master’s Design Build has been helping homeowners in Eastern Pennsylvania realize their dreams of stylishly recreated kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, and home offices. Located in Hatfield PA and serving clients in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, Master’s has earned numerous awards for their design and remodeling projects.

Master’s Design Build will work with you from the initial design development to the ultimate completion of your project. The design-build process eliminates the confusion and unnecessary costs often incurred during the handoff from the designer to a separate builder for execution.

By working with Master’s Design Build, clients have the advantages of:

  • Improved direct communication of all phases of the project.
  • Elimination of extra costs by using a single company for all elements of the project.
  • Better coordination in scheduling.
  • Greater accountability.

Visit the Master’s Design Build website to view some of the company’s past projects. While on their site, you may even ask questions regarding any ideas you may have, and a Master’s expert will contact you promptly. 

To schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation, phone Master’s Design Build at +1-215-713-6162.