In-Law Addition for Your Home

When elderly parents cannot afford to continue to live independently, more are considering the option of living with their adult children in the same household. At the same time, young adults, more than ever, are staying home and living with their parents after college, according to a February 2018 AARP article. reports that 19% of Americans live in multi-generational homes consisting of grandparents, children, and grandchildren. This trend is likely to continue as the cost of living continues to rise.

But, when space is already limited, moving parents or children into your existing home can significantly impact your privacy, and even the sanity, of all concerned.  Due to this, advance planning and knowing your options can be very important!

What is an In-Law Addition?

A popular solution is to modify existing space or build on a new addition to allow the new residents to live independently. A so-called “in-law” addition would provide a living space, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even separate access that constitutes a fully self-contained residence.  At the same time, it would have access to the main home living area that provided ease of pass through when needed.

For the many people who are in this position, or are expecting to be, an experienced design-build company is the best choice. An initial meeting can be set up to discuss the clients’ expectations, preferred design elements, requirements, and budgetary limitations. This pre-planning on the in-law addition can help a family through options and implications for space, re-sale, and other use that can be valuable.

When you contact a design-build representative, they will help you sift through research using their expertise to outline options in design, layout, and other elements that can be very valuable. You can expect the designer to review a checklist of typical options with you to ensure nothing will be left out. 

With your needs and expectations in mind, the designer will:

  • assess the home to determine if existing space can be converted
  • review the design of the house and lot configuration for a possible add-on
  • determine if a garage or another permanent structure could be converted
  • visualize the size and location of a stand-alone structure, if viable
  • check zoning and neighborhood restrictions
  • discuss all possible in-law addition scenarios 
  • create a design for your consideration

Whether a modification, an addition, or a free-standing structure, a professional designer should ensure the change does not detract from the original design of the home. Their principal mission will be to maintain the architectural style without creating an unnatural appearance.

Benefits of Working with a Design-Build Company

A professional design-build company understands every phase of the project from the design phase right through to the final construction and walk-through. There is no confusion when transferring the designer’s intent into the finished project. The designer understands the precise costing of the project and can advise the impact of subsequent changes to elements of the design. 

Additionally, because you will be working with one company for the entirety of the project, it will be managed seamlessly and at a lower cost than splitting the responsibilities among separate companies.

Contact Master’s Design Build for Your In-law Addition

Situated in Hatfield PA and serving the areas around Montgomery and Bucks Counties, Master’s Design Build has over a decade of experience with home remodels, additions and upgrades.

Whether desire a remodel to create your ideal in-law suite, a fully equipped freestanding structure, or an add-on, Master’s will help you realize solutions that work for everyone. Once you have accepted a final design and budget, the construction crew will strive to minimize disruption to your lives while always keeping you updated on the progress.

To view some of the high-quality past projects by Master’s Design Build, visit their Gallery of Projects.

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